SATURDAY IS PHOBLOG DAY!!! Mostly horses with a Zebra or two.

Saturday is PhoBlog Day!

I will spend part of today doctoring my sweet Wrigley who got ambushed yesterday.  Well, I think that is what happened…. The fence repair guy accidentally left one of the gates open and someone (Rojo) who will remain nameless (Rojo) got sick and tired of Wrigley’s constant nudging (Rojo) and intimidated him over a slight cliff.

Wrigley crash and go boom.


I’m not sure he learned anything but he sure was keeping a wide berth between himself and Mr. Toughman wild mustang.

I mean, that was until I had to bring him in for the vet to tend to the wounds.

Thanks, Nameless mustang (Rojo).   I’m sure you had good reason to push the irritating youngster over the cliff, but didja have to make him fall on pokey things?  Next time, pick a softer landing, eh?




How can this not make you melt…


Photobombing cat.


You’ve probably seen this already… but it makes me smile.


I found this on FB – great photoshopping!


Sweet donks.




This is a pigeon!


I love the bird being out in front!


Baby donk chasing human at BHFER!




A Salt River Wild Horse. “Like them on Facebook”


Mary sent this in…


This cracked me up!


My fav of the week… a new Salt River Wild Horse foal! Already in the water. You can help them – just “like” them on FB, – click image.


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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    How do I send you photos? I love your blog! And I share in the things that can go wrong department.

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