Today, we have a morning meeting about the wild horse documentary … and then I will probably see who I can love on between bursts of rain.   Just a peaceful Saturday…


Good Mama.

Another great idea.

I would feel happy here

Id be REALLY HAPPY here.

So organized. I’m impressed… they even have paintings of each face!

This is the delivery system of an old time department store. Look how they all stand so quietly.

Gorgeous and healthy wild ones

Cycle of life

Wow! In Manhatten.

Empire Mine is the CA State Park where I ride. It is about 25 mins from my home. The mine is closed and now it is a park.

Yes. I could do this, too!

I don’t know if this is photoshopped… but either way, I love it. I love the colors, too.

I wrote about Harvey a while back… an amazing story.

Gorgeous wild ones.

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  1. Bunny

    Dawn, like many people deeply disappointed in what the usual run of Hollywood entertainment has become over the last few decades, I have pivoted to and love to watch documentaries. From “news magazine” investigations to filmed explorations of the most remote corners of the globe sometimes with radically different means of transportation (like the group that kayaked through the most inaccessible regions of far northeastern Russia), so so SO much more satisfying to spend time on than the latest iteration of Marvel superheroes, 90 minutes of guns ‘n car chases, or so-called “origin stories” of, OMG, “slashers.” The difficulty with so many documentaries IMO distribution and publicity. Difficulty learning of them in the first place. Difficulty in locating on streaming or OTA broadcast (thank heavens for PBS!). YouTube or similar internet based platforms are not always the most satisfactory forums, usually due to sound issues, and hunting for them not always successful. So my hope is that your anticipated documentary will come with a lot of publicity so people can find it, watch it, share it, and most importantly share the message about wild horses.

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