Today, I have just returned from a visit in Utah… need to pick up sticks (branches) that are all over here from the recent winds.  I’ll probably make a list of things I need to do and then… do a few.  Mostly, I think I will be grooming hair off of shedding horses… the baby and Mama are shedding a lot.  Dalton and the donkeys, not so much.  Finn and Missy Miss are thinking about it.


An oldie but goodie from V6 Ranch

I love how creative people breathe life into facades of houses!

OK, this is ONE SHOT. The ship is behind the building in the sea.

This is the photographer, Murray McKean

I love the donkeys

Beautiful baby

Gorgeous, healthy wild ones

So interesting…


Mama Bat flying with a baby holding on.


I love that table and the range!

Yowsa! That horse looks serious.

Gorgeous, wild family…

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