TODAY, I must gather my list for the updates needed on the website… and start on our taxes, both of which I’ve been procrastinating.


These are so creative in an unusual way!

These libraries are amazing to me…

Important to understand…


I used to see starlings like this when I first lived in Wilsonville, OR and there was still open space.

I’d like to see if I could grow these.

As kids, we’d go to Disneyland often because we lived close enough to drive there. I remember those figures!

What timing! A jay was buzzing an eagle who was too close to his nest.

The Swiss Alps. I cannot imagine skiing there… I bet it is glorious.

Another amazing library.

I miss babies…

Modern dinosaur, right?

This looks like a gelding kissing a sweet, young mare.

Best friends.

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  1. Sarah

    Black Rainbow might not actually be a real color but one enhanced by creative florists. Or possibly available in Europe but then there are difficult import and licensing hurdles (like with the Linda Porter Rose – impossible). It’s hard to determine from online pix the actual bloom color and sometmes color descriptions are a bit like reading a romance novel. I grew a fairly good color match with the black/burgundy velvety-petaled Ebb Tide but Ebb Tide seems persnickety about location, watering, and sudden chills. Finally lost mine this crazy Willamette Valley winter after it suffered a setback last year. You may like the Baccara Rose, might check for availability with Heirloom Roses in St. Paul, Oregon, and they could tell you if there are any restrictive California State Ag rules about shipping roses to your location. You may also like “Intrigue” which has an enchanting fragrance to accompany its burgundy shading.

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