Today, Hubby and I are on a road trip.  Yay!


I would love this.

Who couldn’t love a donkey?! I think this is Jacob’s Ridge but it also could be the Donkey Sanctuary in the UK.

I adore little ones… this guy just kills me, so proud in his new blanket!

I am fascinated by birds, especially parrots.

Oh my gosh, who thought of designing a bird like this?! Those head feathers alone… and those bulbous feather on his forehead…

To die for! I think this is somewhere in Canada.

He’s looking right at camera. He’s big.


I’m going to try this on a hill we have…

Mother Nature always amazes me. LOOK at those colors!

We see you taking our picture. Do you have cookies or not?

Salt Water beings are so extraordinary!

First swimming lesson. I LOVE THIS.

BEAUTIFUL wild friends.

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