Today, I work… however, I’m very excited to have a guy out on Tuesday that might be able to build a small ‘grooming shed’ for me on the single flat piece of ground we have.  Very excited and crossing fingers!


I adore this shot. Thank you, Sandy Sharkey.

Wow. I’m upset that the trees had to die… but WOW.

Gorgeous from Kat Livengood

Derwent Island House on Derwentwater in the Lake District National Park, Cumbria, England



So true.

Winter coat coming in



This pic was titled, “Every deer should hire a bodyguard”.


Wild and Free.

Mother Nature.


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  1. dawndi Post author

    Agreed. I had that perfect setup in Grass Valley. Here, however, I have less space. Although it will be enclosed, with light and close to water, it will be a very adaptable shed so it can
    be enclosed when needed and open, when needed, with airflow and light – but small. One horse. That’s all the flat we have!

  2. Bunny

    As always is the case your PhoBlog is fabulous. You mention a grooming shed. If you do build a purpose-specific shed you could consider making it farrier friendly so that when it’s either waaay hot outside in summer or sloppy-slippery-mud wet in spring/fall you have a safe and comfortable place to have footwork done. That means lots of natural light (skylights, a row of eve lights under the roof ledge on three sides, kick-proof knee level light bars on three sides of the shed) for daytime and some shadow-less lighting for night. Don’t forget plenty of room to maneuver. And hopefully be fairly near a water source if your farrier prefers to hot shoe. And possibly parking for farrier truck if you have the room. This concept also works great for a place to separate a horse for vet exams when being outside in the elements isn’t ideal. A boarding barn years ago where I kept my show horses before I bought my own place had such a setup and over and over I heard deep thank yous from vets and farriers expressed to the barn owner.

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