WELL, it may be the last Saturday (or any day…) that I get to work for a while… since CA is being shut down (our area is fine, yet we are grouped with Southern CA).  I’m not happy about having to close down.  Not at all.  They said ‘two weeks’ last time, and it ended up being 5 months.


Gorgeous wild one.


Boys will be boys.

So pretty.

So sweet.

Yup. I saw a beach.

That face!

It was IMPOSSIBLE to take Christmas pics of my puppies. We had Santa hats but those were off in seconds. I tried with bows but they chewed on them and played and wouldn’t sit still. This was the best shot and it is pretty bad. (Vivey and Natty)

This is a dog that needs a home in Oregon. I thought she looked like she was smiling for the cameras. (Google search the image to find her)

Perfectly timed shot.

An amazing shot by Kat Livengood.

Christmas Illusion.


God shot.


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  1. Bunny

    How does Google image search work from the actual image? I’ve used “image search” by typing the word description into the Google search box and that (mostly) brings up images that more or less (mostly less) match the search request. Right clicking on the image brings down a Google menu but that menu doesn’t include a search option, just a copy option. You’re more technologically savvy than I am, could you provide a hint? Thanks!

    I’m actually looking for a second dog to keep my dog company; her her best buddy passed a while back I think we’re both ready now, here in Oregon, to take on another four-legged soul and the dog photo caught my eye. Unfortunately in my area the usual rescue population is comprised of little else other than pitbulls (forbidden by my home insurance policy) or chihuahuas — which aren’t a great candidate for a rural property with hawks, eagles, falcons and assorted mammalian wildlife which might consider a Chi a very tasty breakfast indeed.

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