Today, I hope to have a helper kid come over (He’s 15…) to help me move a bunch of panels – so the horse can eat the grasses in front of their paddocks – put hay in the hay area and dig a few more holes for a few more trees.  Yay!


YEAH, don’t worry about the weather, just ride!

A wild one by Kat Livengood

From Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation

I love this dress

Whatever it takes.

Love the donkeys

Wild ones by the sea

From Kat Livengood

A lovely wild family

Cracked me up.

Made me smile.

Yes, I could!

Our amazing moon.

Wild ones.

JANUARY BUCKET FUND – Let’s help 21 Donkeys!

These donkeys lost their owner suddenly and had no one to come to their aid except Dr. Kris Anderson.  She brought them onto her personal property and had them gelded, teeth done, feet done, vaccines, meds, and gave them much needed nutrition.  You can read their story here.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  THANK YOU in advance!!

We are only $315 away from helping Dr. Kris will all of her hard costs for meds, feed and farrier! Click here to donate!  (Thank you!)

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