Today, they say it will storm all day… so, today I think I will continue to voice the audio book (I am very behind…).


Thank you, kind reader, for sending this. I couldn’t find the story…

From Elke Vogelsang.

Border patrol.


It is the season.

Another from Vogelsang.

These guys are so amazing.

Black Jaguar, White Tiger Foundation. Bagherra.

Yup. I could take a bath there.

A beautiful shot from Kat Livengood.

And another from Kat Livengood.

A Wolfski, I’m told… From Elke Vogelsang. Look at that smile!

A friend took this while on vacation… a new friend.

I love this shot in every way.

PLEASE let’s help our February Bucket Fund horse!  Troubadour’s story is linked here.

The photos say it all.  He has been removed.  Let’s help those who are helping this sweet, young horse!  Click here to donate and THANK YOU.  All donations are 100% tax deductible.  Every little bit counts for this guy.  He really needs a boost!


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