I blocked out this weekend (since it is my birthday weekend) so first I’m going to clean out a cupboard that I’ve been wanting to clean for a few months… then we are going to do something fun!!


I saw this the other day and stopped my vehicle to take a photo.

My good friend down the street, Hartley Farms, has a gorgeous wedding venue and Farm. I went there to purchase a fig, plum and apple tree for my birthday. Here I am, with my toes in the water of their pond.

The volcano in Hawaii.

I hope this is true for the wild horses as well…

I have no idea what this is… other than amazing!

He also wrote THE HOBBIT, so we know he can dream…


Gorgeous Montana


SUCH a good boy. My horses would have that fence down in an instant!

Mother Nature having fun!

Oh my gosh this horse is talented! Too bad that this is his job, but at least he won!

Montana, again!


JUNE BUCKET FUND!  For my Birthday, Please help these abandoned and starved, slipper-footed young stallions!  We are over half way to our goal of making a huge difference in their livesClick here to read their story and donate!  Many, many sincere thanks!!


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