Today we are arriving home from visiting Hubby’s US Navy daughter who is stationed in Georgia. ¬†She is continuing her Farsi training there!!


Feathers and Wings amaze me.

This book looks very interesting!

I hope these kitten remember their upbringing later…


Ronald Regan on a California Camarillo white horse! Look at his tack, too!


I’m not sure about that look…

Wild ones by Kat Livengood.


This has been circulating all over the internet. The photo has won a National Geographic award.

I love this! A perfect ponytude photo!

Once again, Dude Ranch horse, Freckles, on the 3-Day Eventing Course with Rebecca Mortensen!

I met Freckles and Rebecca at the R Lazy S Ranch. Rebecca was a wrangler there. Her father was head Wrangler for many years. Freckles lived at the ranch and was happy as a clam – outdoors under the Tetons! It shows.

This cracks me up every time I see it. EXACTLY what happens each and every morning at my house!

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