Saturday is HORSE AND MAN PhoBlog Day! Caption anyone?

Saturdays are Farm Phoblog Days.  Simple, just a HORSE AND MAN ranch photo and your thoughts…

Here are 3 of the residents.  Aladdin – a Morgan gelding on your left, Finn – a TWH gelding up front on the right and Beautiful Girl – a TWH mare behind.  No, not all of the equines here are chestnut with a star, it just looks that way from this picture.  ;)

I think they were hoping the camera was a huge, odd shaped apple, or my hat that day was particularly interesting…  dunno.

What do you think?

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  1. Amy

    Such a cute photo!
    Caption: “Over here waiter! Some high quality hay and carrots for three.”

  2. Donna

    “Chestnuts waiting on an open gate… Jack Frost no where to be found… California dreamin… on a winters day

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