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Monday, June 14th, 2021 | Filed under R lazy s

It took 2 days of driving – and we made it to Jackson, Wyoming!

For new readers, we have come to the RLazyS Ranch since 2013… it is THE BEST guest ranch in Wyoming, if I am allowed to boast effusively.  Fabulous horses, a permit to ride INSIDE the Teton Park (which is right outside the gate…), gourmet food, beautiful lodging and wonderful owners and staff.   Truly… come here if you can.  They have an 80% return rate, which says a lot…

This year, we have a new cabin which faces one of the open meadows.  So far, glorious.

My PhotoJournal! – Day 1.  A new horse.

The view outside of our new cabin… Those are the Tetons

The view from the Lodge. I click the same photo every year… it just takes my breath away. We are looking at Jackson Hole ski resort.

On the first morning (Monday), we get our horse for the week.  While we waited, I noticed this baby who was born the last time we were here in 2019 (pre-Covid).. His name is Earl Grey. Now he’s 2. Such a sweet baby.

Earl Gray is a beautiful Roan.

Some of the riders leaving to embark in the National Forest. I just love it here…

The first ride of the week is a walking ride where you get to know your horse. Here we are riding in the blooming lupines.  I was bad this morning… didn’t take out my phone nearly enough…

It is all lush green. We crossed the Snake River (I forgot to take a pic) and rode all around the glorious meadows. Here we are looking at the Tetons again….

I’m horrible at selfies but here I am with my new mare, Jazz. She is new to the herd and I get to be the first guest to ride her. So far, so good. She is very sweet and seems to love this job. They tell me that she has Fox Trotter in her. I haven’t felt it yet, but I’m sure I will as the week moves on.  I cannot wait to become her buddy this week!

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