Day Three and Four combined! (Sorry, had internet issues yesterday…)

I’m at the most beautiful place in Wyoming – The R Lazy S Ranch.  Yesterday, since I had time and the internet is now so strong here… I decided to upgrade my IOS before writing my blogpost.  Well, that didn’t go so well.  I lost all of my shortcuts for some reason and couldn’t remember any of my passwords on my portable computer.  I tried and tried… but just couldn’t manage to reach far enough into my bag of tricks to use some other tactics at my disposal – so I just went to sleep without writing yesterdays blogpost.

However, today I arose at 5:45 am, with a fresh brain, and figured out how to get onto the dashboard.  So, Yay!  I love it when technical issues go away.


My new horse, Jazzy, is alert, attentive, engaged and wonderful.  Today I had my loping test, but like me, she doesn’t especially like cantering in an arena, so she didn’t.  The wrangler and I figured she’d be fine in the open range, which she was.  Totally tractable and easy to handle.  I will say, I am so not used to any canter other than my Morgans – so I’m not as versed in other says of going.  Today, I’m shortening my stirrups.

Her trot is easy so we might do that to start today and move into the canter with my newfound shorter stirrups.

Alas, the scenery!  I really come here for the scenery viewed atop wonderful mounts.  That’s my whole goal.  And every day I achieve that.  GLORIOUS.

Here are photos… (Thank you again, Adam).  We crossed a lot of water today and I didn’t take ONE photo.  I will do better today!

This is Adam in front of me. He takes all the best photos… but today, both of us fell short on cameras. I think we were taking it all in and forgetting to take photos. (See how alert my girl is at all times?! Love her)

We did a breakfast ride (easy – and we have our photos taken against a lovely backdrop.). I am on the dark horse to the right. I’m speaking with one of the wranglers. Adam took the pic

Hubby at breakfast, loving on the owner’s dog.

After breakfast, I took some pics of Jazzy.

She was looking at the donkeys

She is just the sweetest girl!

This was the only pic I took of our afternoon ride… I love water crossings. We did a lot of them yesterday – the Snake River – but Adam and Fran had gone into town, Hubby went hiking and I was the only one riding. So I forgot my duties as photog!

These are my feet… resting on our cabin porch, looking at the view after (a sumptuous) dinner. I was trying to figure out why my dashboard to the blog wasn’t working. Maybe the view distracted me.


Today, I asked to trot in the shaded and most beautiful single track area called, Cara’s.  I love Caras… It is so pretty that no photo shows its glory.  Forest, sounds, smells, little creatures, elk, deer, wild flowers, logs… so much to consider and wonder about.  I didn’t take many photos, again.

I forgot to take photos of the donkeys this year! So, here they are, along with 3 horses that look so good together (red, black and white) who are recuperating from slight injuries.

Hubby’s horse, Rosie, was checking out his photos with him.

My ride was up Cara’s trail, which is my favorite. You get it all… water, forest, open land and secluded spaces. It was just me and my wrangler. We could do whatever we wanted… mostly we chatted and absorbed. Here we are overlooking the Snake River.

We climbed up fairly high and then went into the wilderness. But this view is my favorite.

The photo doesn’t really do it justice. If you can image above the treelike and looking down into the river and beyond to the famous Sleeping Indian.

The day was glorious. Just exceptionally beautiful.

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