OK EVERYONE… It is time to dig around your tack locker and dust off the valuables – this Bohlin Parade Saddle sold for $106,375!!!!

OMG.  This saddle sold for so much money!!

This incredible saddle – and I will say that it is quite unique and probably the only one of its kind in perfect condition with one owner – sold for $106,375 at the HIGH NOON AUCTION of Western Americana in January ’12.

I think some of you might have a few valuable items stored in your tack attic… time to polish it up and pay off your house!!

(IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT WHAT MAKES A PARADE SADDLE… and all the finery, please click here to their page SILVER PARADE SADDLES!)

OMG. This sold for $106,365! Got anything in your storage? It could pay off your house!! ;) (click to enlarge)

THESE ARE SO COOL – they were used as interior car adornments!

OK, here is another incredible Bohlin find that was sold at the same auction in 2011!  Can you get over this?!- this set was used to accessorize the inside of a car!  So amazingly fun!

The guns are non-operable which is probably why they sold for only $10,000.  BUT, how much fun to purchase if you had the money to deck out your Cadillac!  (I wonder how those would look in a new Fiat?!)

Anyway, my idea here is to show you that all kinds of memorabilia can be bought and sold at this auction.

You can read the story of Edward Bohlin and this holster set here.

These were used as car interior adornments!

This is the car. The holster was on the back of the seats and the pouch was in front of the glove box.


I had to show this, too… It is a holster set that was actually made for and used by Clayton Moore, the Lone Ranger.  This set was used for his special appearances.  It sold for $47,500 in 2010 – same auction house, High Noon.  Clearly they auction rare finds and very cool stuff!

This is the Lone Ranger’s actual holster set…

Clayton Moore with the holster set that sold for $47,500 last year.

THE STORY OF this incredible saddle that sold for $106,375!

The story behind this saddlemaker, Edward Bohlin, can be found on this page .  I also found these catalog pages about the saddle and its original owner.


The saddle and how its original owner used it.



I found these also… I loved the Dale Evans heels!



So, if you want to sell or buy…  the High Noon Auctions are held only once a year.

The rest of the time, the staffers are rounding up fabulous Western Americana – …

Have any?  I don’t but sure wish I did… I never had any relatives that collected anything horsey.

But, since I was an avid Morgan showperson, I know all about the Parade Classes at Morgan Horse shows.  One of my trainers also trained for a huge Morgan horse parade lover – he participated in the Rose Bowl parade every year.  My trainer said it took 2 guys 2 days to polish the saddle 4 times a year!   Wow.

So, I figured that maybe, during these rough economic times, knowing about this ethical auction house might be a boon for some of you…  The High Noon Auctions attract the high bidders and quality merchandise needed to secure the value in collectibles.

Hmmmm.  Seems a heck of a lot better than Ebay!  So, if you think you have anything worthwhile, please contact these guys and they will tell you the projected value.

Worth a try, eh?


WEBSITE click here.

FACEBOOK PAGE (where you can read the latest, see the latest and meet the people!)

High Noon LA, Inc.
9929 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Telephone: (310) 202-9010
Fax: (310) 202-9011
Email: info@highnoon.com

This is another saddle that sole for enough to put all your kids through medical school…


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Linda Nelson

    I have a Bohlin like saddle I will sell. It is not marked but very ridible and was told it was made in the 30’s. It has bridle and corona. I did buy a matching breast collar on e bay, but not silver. My price is very reasonible if anyone is interested. I will send pictures

  2. stephanie

    yes I saw one for 30 k on craigs list in Washington state almost like it, wanted it bad but in no way could I afford such a beautiful saddle.

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