Well, I wish it was better news… but when I visited Tess today, she was significantly more lame.  So, Dr.E and I are going to change it up with a new protocol.  We are scheduled for a meeting on Tuesday, Xrays and then a new treatment.

Tess is in good spirits.  She is eating vigorously.  She looks phenomenal.  They groom her at least 50 times a day.  The herbs from Omega Alpha have her shiny and gleaming with health…  If she wasn’t lame,  you’d think she was the Prom Queen.

Tess was her regular Regal self today.  She insisted I scratch certain areas.  She also refused to let me leave when I was supposed to leave.  So, I stayed.  I wanted her to have her way.  It seemed only fair since I haven’t fixed her yet.

I alternated between loving on her and reading my book.

She ate the entire time – in between glares to get me to do her bidding.  I’d settle down to read in the corner and eventually I would feel her gaze burning into my skull.  Looking  up, I would see her pleading eyes and then she’d motion to what she wanted.

Tess:  “Hey, YOU!  Come over here and scratch right here, please!”

Me:  OK

Tess:  “HEY HEY, didn’t you come here to visit ME and not read your dang book?!”

Me:  Yes.

Tess:  “Then get over here and put your mitts to good use, for heaven’s sake!”

And so I did.

I also told her that we were going to try something new since what we had tried wasn’t working…  She seemed relieved.

I’ve attached a short video of her eating in her usual ferocious manner.


Click to watch a very short video of her eating – not all that exciting except it shows you that she is active and engaged. (She is glaring at me to put the camera down and come over and scratch her!)


I saw this video and it made me cry it was so sweet.  I love this horse!  I noted him watching the humans and anticipating the next moves – so precious!  The video is short.

Click image to watch this amazing horse line-dance.

Click image to watch this amazing horse line-dance.

A HAPPY ENDING STORY!  (sometimes we just need a happy story, eh?)

A few days ago, I received an email about a somewhat local horse who needed a new home.  Then, today, I received the happy email that she had found a home – her original owners!

Here is the email chain:

There is a sweet mare up for adoption in Jackson, CA. She was extremely underweight when she was rescued, and has gained about 140# in the last few weeks. I am writing to ask you to distribute information about this mare to your contacts to help her find a good home.

Below is the information about the mare and her photo.

Amador County Animal control presently has a mare available for adoption. She is estimated to be about 12 years old by her veterinarian. This horse is now up to date on vaccines, hoof trimming, has recently had her teeth floated and has been wormed. She is beginning initial groundwork. This very bright mare is looking for a forever home where she can blossom and reach her full potential.
Presently in foster care. For information and a viewing please inquire:
Amador County Animal Control  209-223-6378

Thanks for your help.
Warm regards,
Elena (in Pioneer)

And then…

The photo of the mare held by the Amador County Shelter appeared in a local paper (The Ledger) and a family recognized the mare as a horse they had once owned. They were shocked at her condition and they came forward to adopt her. Happy ending to a sad tale. Thanks for your help.
Warm regards,

This is the happy ending mare...

This is the happy ending mare…


Last month’s Bucket Fund recipient was Betsy Rose, the very poorly mare who was as close to being starved to death in her own home as one pony could be…

Well, here are some recent pics…  She can stand and walk for longer periods outside of her sling and she was finally strong enough to have her horrible teeth floated.  Now she can graze!

Betsy Rose upon intake. Down and almost gone...

Betsy Rose upon intake. Down and almost gone…

To these photos taken this week!


Here she is, wandering into the barn and meeting up with Theresa!


After her teeth float, she grazed for the first time in who knows how long! Look how much better she is doing!! Amazing.


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!


MamaTess, our August Bucket Fund mare - she is in ICU with a new protocol coming on Tuesday.  She needs all of our good energy sent her way... We are determined to turn this around!

MamaTess, our August Bucket Fund mare – she is in ICU with a new protocol coming on Tuesday. She needs all of our good energy sent her way… We are determined to turn this around!




HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Holly Friedman

    I just reread Mama Tess’s story…..I’m a human nurse, so this makes me a curious person. I suppose standing on her affected hooves, could prevent blood flow as well (this is my thinking). If that is so, why can’t she spend some time in a sling, to demeant the added pressure of standing. I was also wondering if the surgeons could do a bypass in her leg or hoof so blood flow could be rerouted? Just a thought. Sometimes human surgeons and veterinary surgeons work together. Northstar, the horse who was set on fire, had a surgeons for humans, as well as veterinary surgeons. Mama Tess’s attitude seems great. She is royally beautiful, just exquisite. Thank you for perseveringly holding her heart in your hands, and cradling it gently. God must have hand-picked you for Mama Tess…….I will be praying for her, and you……Please continue to keep us posted…….

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