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A video on HOW TO DETECT ULCERS in your horse?! Wow! Very useful…


A few weeks ago, I told you all that Mama Tess had an ulcer and that I was able to help her quickly by using Omega Alpha Gastra-FX and Omega Alpha Biotic-8 – which were far less expensive than the paste cures offered.  (No affiliation)

Well, now I’ve stumbled upon a video by a vet showing 5 external, EASY, physical methods to determine if your horse has an ulcer.


I think this is incredible!  Why?  Because I think many horses have ulcers that go undiscovered.  And to incorporate this simple palpation method into your daily grooming would be very easy and very helpful to your horse!


Now that I know MT had an ulcer, the signs seemed so clear.

Hindsight is 20/20.

But, I have to say, I watch this horse like a hawk (literally), and unless you know what you are looking for, you don’t know what you are looking at – if you get my drift.

Tess is chronically foundered (chronic abscesses and complications until the horrible damage heals) therefore, she has many symptoms.  They can all overlap.

You see, I’ve always known that horses will grimace due to pain.  But when MT made that face a few weeks ago, I figured it was a bad abscess.  When she started eating the fence boards at the same time, I figured it was the same bad abscess.

I didn’t connect the dots until I woke bolt upright one morning with the word – ULCER – jumping off of my lips.   Could these same pain indicators also be associated with ulcers?

Of course.

Yup, you just don’t know until you know.  This is why I’m telling you.

Also, duh, MT was on antibiotics that contributed to her gut irritation.  THAT I should have figured out earlier, but I didn’t.  So, anyway, once I did connect the dots and called the vet, he confirmed her pain was indeed, ulcers.

*As an aside, I think anytime a horse is prescribed antibiotics, the vet should tell the owner to LOOK FOR signs of ulcer, since the result of ulcer is very common during and after a cycle of antibiotics – especially sulfur antibiotics.

TYPICAL SIGNS OF ULCER (other than the palpation video which is very informative – below)

–Off feed

–Off work

–Grimace face when laying down (and they lay down more often)

–Biting wood or fence boards, grinding teeth

–Soft manure, diarrhea, gas, mild colic

–Nausea face (If you think about it, you will see it.  They look ‘sick’ and nauseous because they ARE.)


Here is a link to the website where I found the video.

Here is the You Tube link to the how to find an ulcer video.

Click to go to site

Click to go to site

Click to watch the video!

Click to watch the video!

Horse And Man


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This may be odd, but bear with me… I think I had a “Glimpse of Eternity” when Mama Tess passed. Read on.

Mama Tess passed November 13, 2015.  I cannot believe it has been that long.

Some of you may remember a post I wrote about the afternoon of her passing… how colors were so vivid, that my senses were very heightened and that I was able to hear my other horses speak to me.  It was all very surreal and I described it as ‘magical’.  Of course, I was heartbroken, but the aura of the barn immediately after she passed, was extraordinary.

You can read that blogpost here.


My mother is going through some health problems.  Big health problems.  So I’ve been reading up about death and dying… thinking about long term care, that sort of thing.

During all of this research, I came upon a book called, GLIMPSES OF ETERNITY.  The cover says, “sharing a loved one’s passage from this life to the next”.

Hmmmmm.  OK.  Not sure I want to go there with my mother, but there I had this book so I may as well see what it has to offer.

Basically, the book is about hospital/bedside/death experiences where the person(s) with the dying people have an other worldly – shared – experience as that person is passing.  What is odd is that it tells stories of an entire family who witnessed a huge light or music or trumpets or… fill in the blank… and nurses and doctors… OTHER PEOPLE share a very unique experience as the person is passing.  An experience that none of them can explain, but the experience is shared.

I’m have heard that hospice workers nod and have a ‘knowing’ about death and the miracles that happen around death – sometimes.


One chapter in the book speaks of a shared death experience that was identical to how I would describe that afternoon in the barn after Mama Tess passed.


Freaked me out.

So… I stood up, went to my computer and wrote to the author, asking if anyone else has had ANIMAL shared death experiences.  Because I know what went on in that barn in those moments, wasn’t normal.  I saw colors that I had never seen before, the air was wavy, I could smell scents that didn’t grow around there, all the animals were standing and staring right at me –  and I could hear them all – in my heart.


I’m not nuts.

Yes, I was under tremendous emotional, physical and financial stress – but I had been caring for her for 3 years, it didn’t happen out of the blue.  I was doing long-term hospice with my horse.  Nothing was urgently weighting on me and I wasn’t suddenly shocked.  I knew this day was coming.  Yes, I was devastated, but I wasn’t freaking out…

And the ‘events’ in the barn were short-lived.  This special time was limited but real.  I wasn’t hysterical and I didn’t have low blood sugar.   It was real.  Yet, I’ve never heard of anyone else having a very odd experience as an animal was dying or just after.  Maybe no one talks about it…or maybe it is very rare… or maybe I AM nuts.

But, it happened to me.

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!