BUDWEISER CLYDESDALES training video!: And… a bit of BudClyde news.

Most often when I write, I put on my headphones and listen to Pandora… at this moment I am listening to a beautiful song by KD Lang and I just love it… Wash Me Clean.  Know it?  I have no idea what the words mean, I just love the melody…  It sounds like a Western, Hawaiian lullaby to me.


A few weeks ago I erroneously (gulp) heard that the Budweiser Clydesdales were no longer on the circuit.  They didn’t appear at the Nevada County Fair and I was told by an official there that the new owners of Budweiser had taken the Clydes off of the marketing campaign.

But, that wasn’t true.


So, in honor of these beautiful horses, I want to show you a very entertaining video that was put together of various training days (over the years) with these beautiful Clydes.

The video is 10 minutes long, but I watched the entire thing and absorbed it.  Horses and movies… for me, nothing better!  ;)


I found this article in HUB PAGES.  It is the Cliff Notes (do Cliff Notes exist any more?) of the Budweiser Clydesdales with the question of their future up in the air.


Again, here is the link to the original article by Connie Smith.














3 Click to watch video


Love this!


This is that cute baby commercial!


This was the one with the donkey!




–Thanks for coming with me on my Budweiser Clydesdale journey today!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. anne

    I was told that the last Clydesdale housed in NY where not going to be replace as they get old , I was also told they put down the last one living in NY. I didnt think they had a farm in NY but this man insisted said he worked for them..i don’t believe him but you never NO for sure..

  2. RiderWriter

    I LOOOOOOOVE the Clydesdales! My very first thought (when everyone else around me in St. Louis was weeping and moaning about jobs being lost) when InBev bought A-B was, “What about the Clydesdales??!?” Seriously, I had a couple people get a little irritated with me. Too bad – the horses were the most important thing to me! :-)

    One of my most favorite places in STL is Grant’s Farm. It’s just a magical place, and getting to see the Clydes is the icing on the cake. They have exotic animals, a tram tour that takes you all around the farm, a phenomenal gift shop that’s not overpriced, a marvelous old stable full of trophies and ribbons won by the A-B family show horses (remember Miss Budweiser?) and friendly staff. Here’s the amazing part – admission is FREE! Of course, they get you on food and beverage ($5.00 hot dogs, etc.) but even if you don’t pack a picnic it’s a bargain. Plus, husbands can be bribed by telling them there are free beer samples :-) (and more for sale). I simply adore going there. If anyone comes to visit in STL, Grant’s Farm is a MUST-SEE! (Closed during the winter months)

    You’re not allowed to pet the Clydesdales, unfortunately, but you can certainly see them up close in their barn. One time when I visited I was naughty and stopped the car by a pasture where a couple horses were grazing close to the fence. They came right over for scritches and I was able to visit with them for a couple minutes before an employee came running into view telling me to beat it. I didn’t waste time departing, but I wish I could have told him that I’m a horse person and I would’t pet one that I thought was going to bite my arm off! :-)

  3. Casey O'Connor

    What the hell is wrong with our people. Why do we sell everything good we have and have developed to other countries? What are we thinking? Are we TOO GOOD to make anything? We’re just consumers? Geezus, I haven’t been this upset since I found out we sold I’ll Have Another to Japan. Think we’re breeding one breakdown after another by accident? or bad training only? We send all our best breeding stock to other countries…. Now, we don’t even make our own beer. Ridiculous. It kinda makes me ill to think those wonderful Clydes are owned by Europeans now….

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