MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Taking Photos of the Puppies! I failed miserably.

Thursday, October 18th, 2012 | Filed under Musings

(Faint Mission Impossible Music: Fade up.)

Your mission, Blogger, should you choose to accept it, is to photograph your young puppies to share with your readers.

Me:  Sure!  Easy!

Tape Recorder (Laughing as it self-destructs):  That’s what you think… Mwahhahhahaaaa!


I swear to you that I tried, all day, to snap photos of the puppies!

Well, not all day… I did work most of it.  But, I worked from home so I had several photo opportunities.

But here’s the deal.  Puppies have two speeds:  Asleep.  Or GoGOGOGOOOOO!

My iPhone doesn’t have a super fast shutter.

Do they make Hummingbird-speed shutters for iPhones?  Because that is what I would need for these two.

I took 78 photos today and most look exactly like this…


It never ends.

WrestleBiteWrestleCryYelp!biteCryWrestleGrowl YIP! Wrestle really hard, BIG YELP! shake, tumble, lickyface, paw, smack, smackdown, bite, Wrestle , WANDER OFF, come back with rock in mouth, fight over rock, fight over tuft of grass, fight over hay bale string, fight over the new toy, kill the new toy… wrestle, WRESTLE, BITE REALLY HARD, SCREAM AND MAKE MOMMY RUN DOWNSTAIRS AND FALL AND SCRAMBLE TO FIND … sleeping puppies. REPEAT!

This is the ONLY in focus shot I have of them. I had just reprimanded them and told them to NOT COME ANY CLOSER.

Atticus is processing and behaving. Scout realizes that I’m fumbling with my camera so she rears back (she is mid- rear in this photo) and hurls herself towards me just after this photo was snapped.


I cannot imagine having only one puppy.

People don’t understand it when I say that two puppies are easier than one.

First off, they entertain and comfort each other – so there’s that.

And, it is easy to train them because they compete with each other on everything, even ‘attaboys’.

With these puppies, they would be very needy on their own, I can tell.

Here they are, learning how to walk to the barn for feeding time. Now you can see how large our orange cat really is… He is almost as big as Shiva and much larger than the puppies.  Atticus is going after another cat off frame.


He, Atticus, is super whiney and will cry at the drop of a hat.  He looks at you with his half-hooded eyes, cocks his head and whimpers with perfection if you: put him in his corral, leave him in the laundry room or a stall, or walk a foot away from him to wash your hands of puppy schmear.

She, Scout, is super energetic and will throw herself at you, down a hill, at a wall – anything! – just to be part of whatever she perceives is ‘happening’ at the moment.  She may be small, but she has no problem pushing herself into whatever she wants.

I cannot imagine having an adorable Whiner alone, or a Lara Croftpuppy on my own.


Here they are going after Uncle Shiva. Shiva loves it! He plays with them all day!

So, having each other (two puppies) seems to be working… they are busy, happy little puppies who are not entirely focused on the two-legger who brings food and keeps using odd words like, “Tinkley? Potty? Outside? NO! Not for puppies! AckAck DON’T GO NEAR THOSE FENCES! Scoutypants, Wiggleybutts, Where are my Puppyfaces?, Poopoopottypuppies and PuppyScups.”

Atticus.  This shot makes him look like he has an ENORMOUS head.  But, he doesn’t.  The photographer isn’t very good…


I had to hold his face to get this shot.

Oy.  I’ve got it bad!

And every time I step with my stocking feet in a puppy puddle (that I didn’t see due to lighting or whatever) or trip over a puppy or any of the numerous afoul hazards of daily puppydom… I swear I can hear Dexter chuckling to himself from above…

“Keep her on her toes, pups, Keep her on her toes.”

Beloved Scoundral Dex – with his nose in the stolen horsecookie bag – is coaching them from above, I’m sure!  “Keep her on her toes, pups, Keep her on her toes – its good for her!  Heh heh”


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October Bucket Fund is for the Castaic horse who are doing well in their new homes but they are ‘special needs’ for a reason – Lester may end up being in the worst condition of the 4 –  and we thought he was the healthiest… The Vets and farrier and dentists are either on the way or have visited already. I will report soon.





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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Denise

    New to your blog ( love it) but just wanted to say that there are a lot of Camera apps that have the “burst” feature that allows you to take multiple shots w a faster shutter- I’ve gotten some amazing action shots! It’s a free app too! Just search Camera and Camera+

  2. Kathy

    Funny post! Even without pictures I can certainly picture what life with your puppies is like. I do like the idea of getting two puppies to keep each other company next time. And a kitten so they can grow up together. Oh, dear. It’s going to be chaos.

    By the way, we also have a “Scout,” named after the character in To Kill a Mockingbird!

  3. Joe hess and family

    So glad too see the pups living the doggy dream!
    Happy critters!

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