Conversations with my Horses… and a few puppy pics.

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Have you ever watched the Puppy Bowl when others were watching the Super Bowl?

Yup.  Me, too.

Right now, we have the Puppy Bowl 24/7 – well, except when they are sleeping… – but we have 2 puppies who looooove to wrestle.

Yes, we have some yelps and the girl, Scout, is limping today… but basically, they are rolypoly babies who constantly entertain Hubby and me.  I swear, we just sat down on the back patio and were glued to the puppy sparring – we could not avert our eyes!!

My favorite is when we do the Referee calls while they are going at it.  I’ll yell, “Gooooooallllll!”

And Hubby will put up the score, “10 points to the Brindle in the corner!”

Too.  Much.  Fun.

The bad part is that Shiva and Nomar are not quite as excited as we are.  So, we’ve been showering them with love and affection.

I don’t think Shiva ever expected to be the middle child.

Nomar, already insecure, feels more insecure.  So, I am consoling him often.

Wrestling Match is ON!

Atticus. The thinker.


Sweet Scout…


I don’t know about you, but when I’m working in the barn or feeding, I always chat with my horses.

If one of them comes up to the fence to greet me, I always converse with them…

If I walk up to the fence, usually, one of the will approach me.

We have a conversation.

I think.

I’m not sure if I am getting the conversations accurately, but I definitely see their expressions and I form a thought bubble on their heads.

To me, it feels as if I’ve had several short bursts of conversations with friends while feeding or just walking near them.

So, I decided to bring my camera out with me while I visited the fenceline.


I walked up to Sam, the untouchable.  She came right over to the fence.

Me:  Hi…  Does it bother you that your mane is a mess.

Sam:  Kinda.

Me:  Well, I could fix it for you…

Sam:  When I was wild, we could swim in the river and my hair was beautiful.  (Sigh)

Me:  I could make your hair beautiful.

Sam:  How?  Would you have to touch me?

Me:  A little.

Sam:  Ummm.  Can you bring me to a river instead?

Untouchable Sam.  “Please let me fix your mane!”

Me:  Probably not.

Sam:  Probably?  OK, well, that’s an open door, right?  It could happen?!

Me:  Probably.  Not.

Sam:  Probably!!  OK!

Me (to myself and reaching out my hand to her blaze): She is standing very, very close to me…  I think I can touch her nose right now…

Sam:  Sure, you can touch my face.  That’s fine.

Me:  I want to fix your mane.

Sam:  I want to swim in a river.

Sam:  Can I have a treat?

Me:  Yes.  You are really beautiful, do you know that?

Sam:  Thank you.  I like hearing that.  Come back again tomorrow, OK?  I’ll stand here and we can chat again.  Bring cookies.

OK, come back tomorrow and bring snacks.



Me:  I see you are eating…

Gwen:  yeth, mmmm I ammmm easchting here…

Me:  I see you are enjoying that.


Gwen doesn’t want much to do with me when there is food involved.



Me:  Hi.  I see you are eating… are you enjoying that pelleted mixture?

Finn:  Hello there.  Yes, I am quite enjoying my mixture.  Would you like some?

Me:  No, no.  Go ahead.  I made it for you.

Finn:  Thank you.  I can taste the good stuff in here!  Did you add something new?  I’m quite happy with this.

Me:  Why yes!  I added some Chia seed.  Glad you like it!

Finn willing to share his meal with me…



Me:  Hello.  Why are your ears down.

PLLL:  Are you going to make me leave my new favorite paddock?

Me:  No.

PLLL:  I really like it here and if I step through that gate, you are going to close it behind me.

Me:  Well, maybe I will…  but only because I want you to be safe at night.

PLLL:  I’m fine.  I’m a llama.  We live in the mountains.  It is in my blood to be climbing all over this place.

Me:  You can explore – a new expedition, a new trek, a new frontier – tomorrow.  Tonight you have to go back into your paddock.

PLLL:  OK.  I’ll do it.  But only because I am a polite llama.

Me:  Thank you, Princess.  I appreciate it.

Are you coming to put me back in my paddock? I knew it.


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Jeannie

    The reason why I love your blog is precisely because of the ‘talk’ you transcribe with all your horses. The conversations you transcribe with your horses are casual and rational, and not baby talk (exception: puppies!). It is empathetic and it is real. Thank you.

  2. Jody Brittain

    I have conversations with all my animal friends too. Cute blog. Atticus and Scout, well there just aren’t enough words to describe the cuteness there!

  3. Arliss

    What big, huggable puppies! And LOVE the conversations with the horses and llama! Love love love. How wonderful, entertaining, and different they all are.

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