The Perfect Bit.

First of all, thank you all for your concern with Mama Tess.

From all of your emails, it seemed that many of you have had the same ‘cycle’ type of laminitis with your mares.  That is very interesting… My vet is gathering all of this information and is planning to write a paper about it.

Now, as far as MT, well, I’m taking really good notes.  I cannot really deduce anything for sure yet, but…

Here is what I think so far:

–I have to half dose her every 12 hours instead of a full dose every 24 hours.  She needs the boosters.

–She is much better an hour after the Regumate.  However, she isn’t right.  She is just better.

–The Regumate works more quickly when she is on an empty stomach.  But, I feel uncomfortable giving it to her on an empty stomach so I feed her right after I give it to her.

–Today, after giving her the Regumate on the 12 hour cycles instead of 24 yesterday, she greeted me at the front of the barn (a very good sign).  She had been hanging out in her stall.  Today, she was willing to move.

–Right now, Mama Tess is only getting Regumate and Omega Alpha Anti-Flam.  No pain meds.  I am also giving her Omega Alpha Gastro-X to help her stomach deal with the previous Banamine and the Regumate.

I’ll continue to monitor this and give all you mare owners the scoop according to my mare and her particulars…

Mama Tess after her Regumate and after dinner, relaxing with the other mares.  The thing on her right foot is a melted ice pack.  (As you can see, she has full weight on her fronts.)  She isn't sound, but she is better.

Mama Tess after her Regumate and after dinner, relaxing with the other mares. The thing on her right foot is a melted ice pack. (As you can see, she has full weight on her fronts.) She isn’t sound, but she is better.

STORIES FOR HORSES… by Michael Johnson.

Do you know about the author, Michael Johnson?

He wrote the book and audio CD, HEALING SHINE.  Looved it!  I read the book and keep relistening to the audio CDs of the book (when they aren’t on loan).

No affiliation.

Anyway, I needed some more audio CDs for my daily commute, so I ordered the set called REFLECTIONS OF A COWBOY: STORIES FOR HORSES.

(You don’t have to be a Western rider to love these book – at all!  The information is universal.)

My set arrived fast – in two days!


So this morning, as I was prepping for my commute, I unwrapped my volume of Stories for Horses and slipped it into my CD drive in my car radio.

Like butter melting on a hot pancake, his soft voice eased me along my dirt road to the highway… my mind following his Cowboy yarns, musings and wisdom as we both maneuver towards my work.  Luckily for me, the stories TOTALLY engross me to the point that I do forget my worries.  I really just sit in the moment and listen.

I love that.

Anyway, today, I heard the story about THE PERFECT BIT.

Immediately, when I heard Michael suggest that there was a ‘perfect bit’, I kinda cocked my head.  You see, I don’t consider myself a horseman – at all.  I’m just a gal with a lot of horses who has learned some things.

One thing I’ve learned is that I cannot ever and have not ever and probably will not ever find a perfect bit.  In fact, I don’t use bits at all.  I have spent quite a while trying to find the perfect non-bit.

So, to hear Michael talk about the ‘perfect bit’, I was very open to listen because I figure the reason I cannot find a bit could be because I’m not a very good trainer…  dunno.

And, to be honest, talking about bits is like talking about saddles or religion or politics… get ready for a heated conversation!

I know this.

So, when I tell you what Michael said, I’m sure I’ll get many letters.

Just know that Michael Johnson is a roper.  A header.  I think it was a real risk (and room clearer) for him to commit to saying a bit is perfect in his circles.

Anyway, this is what he said (I’m smiling even now when I think about it…).

(paraphrasing this from memory)

Michael learned about the perfect bit from a true old horseman that he had consulted to help him with one of his roping horses.  Michael thought the horse needed a different bit.

The older, wise cowboy said that indeed, there was the ‘perfect bit’ that would work on Michael’s horse.

First, however, the old guy showed Michael how to communicate with his legs/weight more clearly – and then removed the bridle of Michael’s horse (while he was riding) and told Michael to go through all of his commands using only leg and weighting…

As Michael’s horse performed perfectly, without a bridle, Michael exclaimed in disbelief, “How can this be?  Yesterday I couldn’t get this horse to take one good step forward…!”

And the answer from the wise old horseman…

A bit of Knowledge.

A bit of Understanding.

A bit of Love.

You might want to buy the audio CDs.  They are filled with inspiration and real life stuff that relates.  I now cherish my commute time.  Whoda thunk that – ever?!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!





HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Robynne Catheron

    I’m reading “Healing Shine” now, and I’m loving it. I’m looking forward to the CDs! Many prayers and positive thoughts for your Tess :)

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