BioScan. Have you heard of it? Wow!

I wanted to share with you the HORSE AND MAN interview with Nadine Donahue. She is the inventor of the BioScan.  Are any of you familiar with this technology?  Well, let me fill you in.

First off, this has been in development since 1988.  I applaud Nadine’s tenacity to get this device through all the legal hoops to bring it to market.  I know she kept at it because of her love of the horses.

BioScan is complicated technically but really easy to use.  I will do my best to explain, but you should watch the video to hear Nadine describe it.

OK, here goes…  Horses’ (and our) bodies carry an electrical current.  When things aren’t right in a horse (sore muscle, strain, damage… etc.), that current is affected.  Basically, the body is over reacting in that area to try to heal whatever is wrong.  The BioScan tool is a comb that works on the skin to find those areas that are out of alignment.  Then, the light diodes are placed on those areas for a short time to stimulate healing.


I used to have many performance horses. Just like any athlete, they needed help to remain sound. Since I had already interviewed Nadine, I knew all about this science.  So, I tried it.  It worked so well, I got the entire system. After a while, my trainer had me using it on all of the horses at every show I attended!  He was a believer just like Jack Berg (race trainer seen in the video).  We don’t know exactly how it works, but it works!  Now, I use it on anyone (retired, pasture, trail or rescue horse) around here that is sore or “off”.  I love it.

Anyway, watch the video!  If you want to try it, you can go to the website and find a technician near you.  Or, if your horse has a chronic area, there may be a specific wrap for that.   You can look on the website.  Oh, and they even have a blog for all of the users that is really helpful.  See what you think!

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  1. Sarah

    Hi can anyone help with contacting Nadine or the company that manufactures the bioscan please, I want to purchase one but the website appears to have been hijackedand is all in Chinese I think ???

  2. carole

    I am looking for a pair of Bio Scan light therapy horse hoof boots, also; any centurion magnetic product.
    I have a horse with life or death laminitis.


  3. Sharon

    You can call Revia Vet Systems. That is where I purchased mine many years ago. The gentleman there does repairs. 1-602-971-4353. There is also a web site.
    Always has been very helpful for me and my therapy products.

  4. Jon Gregory

    Looking for someone to work on my Bioscan equipment.
    Can’t find Bioscan company that we purchased equipment from.

  5. brian winterton

    You can contact jim jordon , he now runs BioScan and he will help with you. (505) 797-1076

  6. jackie vohs

    I am also trying to find Nadine. What an awesome person. I need the cord with the lites attached as I have broken wire. I have been trying for 1 year to find her. someone please help.

  7. Barbara Murphy

    I called 505.797.1076 Friday, 2 Nov 12, and left a message. A lady, possibly Nadine, called back and said their repair person left them for another company. They are in process of finding another and to call back in 45 days. I don’t have the bioscan unit but I do have all the other products and have used them for 10 years.

  8. Dr. Candace Benyei

    Do you know how to get a hold of Nadine? I purchased my equipment form her 20 years go and now no longer can find someone to repiar it. The Bioscan/Omnilight webiste is now listed as malicious.

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