BIO-SPONGE. Have you heard of it? I hadn’t.

First, many of you may know that Judy Glore of “Heart of Tuscon” rescue passed away on Mother’s Day from Lung Cancer.  She was diagnosed in September.  Here is a news story about her passing.

Judy was an avid rescuer and did much good.  If you would like to help her husband and son care for the horses, please click here (the donate button is in the upper right corner of their website).


MamaTess had a setback today…

But, it turned out OK.

Let me tell you about it…


I had hay delivered and the boys loaded it into the haybarn yesterday.

They stack the excess bales in the middle stall of the barn.  That stall stays locked.

Unfortunately, somehow, the stall door to the middle stall – where I also store a few bales of alfalfa – was left in such a way that Tess could push her way into that stall.

And, she did.


Tess has been doing well… not great, but much, much better.

But, I decided to check on her last night…

When I found her, she had waded into the food stall and couldn’t get out.  Not only that, she had her face in the alfalfa and had eaten two flakes.  By the time I found her, she had not had any water for probably several hours judging by the two, large piles and urine she had left there…

I freaked.

I jumped the stall, backed her out and brought her to water.  She drank.  And drank and drank…  I’m sure she was parched – eating all that alfalfa must have been like eating a whole bowl of peanuts without water.


We had come so far…

I thought of my cousin’s horse who had passed from founder after gorging on alfalfa.


I immediately gave Tess Colic Relief to make sure she had no impaction from the lack of fluids.  I also administered Previcox to help with the sudden spike in sugars which was sure to trigger inflammation and another laminitis flare.

I also gave her a very wet, bran mash.

It was very late…so I decided to wait until the morning to worry.


I emailed Dr. Reilly in the wee hours.   I knew he would be awake in his part of the country.

Dr. Reilly told me to start the protocol all over again with IV Equioxx to stop the onslaught of inflammation.

I went to the barn to check her.  It had been a few hours…

She was laying down.  Oy.  She hadn’t been down in weeks.

When she got up, I could tell she was very sore to turn but OK on the straights.

A huge set back…

When it was daylight, I called my local vet to come over and administer the IV Equioxx.


My local vet came to the barn after I had left for work.  I trusted her to administer to Tess while I was gone.

Upon observation, she called me and asked if she could give Tess a dose of Bio Sponge.

I asked what it was…

She told me it was like giving a poisoned dog some charcoal.  “The bad stuff adheres to it and it moves out of the system – fast.  If she has built up toxins from the alfalfa, this will help.”

“Sure,” I said, “Why not…?”

The vet gave Tess her IV Equioxx, the Bio Sponge – and a lot of fluids to make certain she was hydrated.

She also drew blood to test Tess’ kidney function.


When I arrived home around 2pm, Tess was much, much better.

She met me at the gate and was walking around more comfortably.  She could turn and she was happy and bright.

Something worked – and it worked faster than last time…

So, I can only think…

–We hit the flare earlier with the Equioxx

–We helped her by cleaning out the toxins in her gut created by the over-indulgence of alfalfa on her sensitive gut via the Bio Sponge.

–The Colic Relief/bran mash I gave her helped keep her system moving after being stuck in a hot stall with no water and too much sugary/carby food.   At least I think it did.


Not any one thing works for sure with all horses…

But, if any of you can learn from what I am going through, Yay!  If this helps one horse, it is worth it.

We can only do our best with the knowledge we acquire.

For me with Tess, I now know that she is very sensitive and grass (of course), heat, her cycle and alfalfa are triggers.

I know to stop the inflammation from these triggers as quickly as humanly possible.

I know that her gut cannot handle alfalfa and carbs/sugars so the Bio Sponge aided absorbing the excess toxins created by that deluge, instead of asking her already compromised system to filter it.

I know that colic was a major concern under the circumstances where I found her.  Just the act of giving her the Colic Relief with the soupy bran mash helped me… and her, I think.


Timing is everything…

Thank horsegod I went to check on her last night to find her trapped in the food stall.

Thank horsegod.

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  1. Suzanne Warren

    I have used bennonite clay on my mare when she has had laminitic episodes at the advice of a vet I was using at the time. I couldn’t get the Bio-Sponge fast enough and the clay is available at natural food stores and is quite a bit cheaper. It does the same thing as Bio-Sponge–absorb the toxins and move them out of the body. I always try to have it on hand. It makes a good facial mask too!

  2. Shirley Allen

    We’ve used Bio-Sponge for years now, mostly for diarrhea in our tiny orphan babies when their guts are so out of wack from stress and having to be put on formula. It varies with each baby as to how quickly and how well it works but I wouldn’t be without it. I can’t think of a situation where it didn’t help our babies or totally clear up their tummy issues except when we had a couple of babies come in with mrsa in the gut and we had to put them on different regimen and antibiotics. Staying on the regime provided on the product label is important but sometimes depending on the case it clears up the condition we’re dealing with faster and you can actually smell the difference in their manure when it’s cleared the problems that are going on in the digestive system. It’s a good product to MAKE SURE you have on the shelf. We buy the large powdered form, it keeps well in cool, dark place and really is a great “go to” for metabolism and digestive probs.

  3. Ann

    I’ve had my now-21-year-old Appy on Bio-Sponge twice daily for… well, rather longer than I care to recall ;-) Maybe a couple years? He has always had a tendency towards loose manure / sometimes outright diarrhea when he gets stressed, but it kept getting more & more frequent, to the point where it was almost like having a cow around.

    My vet & I tried several different things – Saccharomyces boulardii helped some, but not enough. We had him tested for worms – nothing there. Tried a Panacur Power Pack just in case – no change. Finally, the vet suggested I try Bio-Sponge. And FINALLY, there was significant improvement.

    Earlier this year, I tried adding a gut supplement – that seemed to make it worse.

    So now, he gets 3 Saccharmyces boulardii + MOS capsules twice a day, along with 1 scoop of Bio-Sponge twice a day. And one week a month, he also gets psyllium (the Equate orange-flavored version of Metamucil, because it’s cheap and he slurps it down ;-)

    Most days, he has normal manure. Such a relief ;-)

    Glad to hear that it seems to have worked for Mama Tess, as well!

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