Mama Tess is back at the hospital…

Sunday, February 9th, 2014 | Filed under Mama Tess

Well… the roller coaster continues.

Mama Tess wasn’t doing well with the hospital plate/shoe we put on her to make it easier for me to treat her wound while at home.

Or at least that is what we think.

Every hour since she has been home, she has been less sound.

Today (Sunday) when I woke up and went to feed, she seemed even worse.  I couldn’t stand it so I called the hospital and said that I was afraid of her backsliding while she was here and I was going to bring her back.

They said that was fine.

For the next 4 hours, we tried to load her.

She wasn’t going.

I called all of my horsey neighbors.  Everyone came.

But Nope.  She wasn’t budging.  My show horse, Mama Tess, who hopped into the trailer for the last 20 years, refused to move.

We were all soaking wet, miserable and defeated.

Finally, my Horse Whisperer friend, Leslie, came over.  (She stopped what she was doing to come to help, in the pouring rain, with her truck and trailer… Here is her website… Leslie is the BOMB!)

And, of course, Leslie loaded Tess into her trailer.  It took about 30 minutes, but it was gentle and easy and MT did it.


Leslie and I drove together to the hospital.  Tess offloaded easily and we bedded her down into her new hospital stall.  The rain was pounding.  The wind was howling.


Dr. Errico left his party that he was hosting for 100 people and visited Tess to try to figure out what went wrong.  (Is he not a Saint?)

I received a message just now.  Dr. Errico wasn’t sure what was up but he agreed that MT was definitely sore.  He pulled her shoe/hospital plate and treated her surgery site.  He then reapplied a huge, soft ball bandage – like she had been wearing successfully for the 8 days she was in the hospital previously.

So we ride the roller coaster once again… And if MT is better in the morning (praying), we will have been given another clue to recovery.  No hospital plate.

If she isn’t better, we hunt for the cause/cure.

Click image to watch a short video of her walking out of the hospital and towards the trailer!


Our February Bucket Fund Foal is Bella, a sweet, orphaned baby mini donk got frostbite and lost her rear leg... but she is a fighter and ready for her prosthetic.  Read about Bella here!

Our February Bucket Fund Foal is Bella, a sweet, orphaned baby mini donk got frostbite and lost her rear leg… but she is a fighter and ready for her prosthetic. Read about Bella here!

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  1. Bobbie Rayburn

    Oh!! No!!! Sweet MT!!! Praying to the Horse gods that she will recover quickly from this latest bump in the road!!! And that what it is Just a bump… Her Highness is too strong willed for it to be anything more!! :-)) hang tough!!!

  2. Morgan Griffith

    Dawn I’m so sorry you and Mama Tess are going through this. I had such high hopes, as I am sure you did to. Pray this is just a little setback with an easy fix and that MT goes back home to finish her healing soon.

  3. Tamara Tate

    So sorry. I can’t imagine the stress you must be feeling with all this. I hope they can make her comfortable soon.

  4. KarenTX

    Oh, I hope it’s something easy to fix! Bless all of your hearts, your emotions must be all over the place. Prayers for MT!

  5. Sherry

    So sorry this struggle continues. I know exactly what you’re going through. I’ve got you and MT in my prayers.

  6. Christine


    More prayers winging their way to you and MT from England. Thinking of you both.

    Christine xx

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