Wildlife bridges WORK!

I saw this video and was heartened that this bridge was created in Utah.  I hear one is going to be made in Southern CA.  I sure hope so.  They need a few in Nevada, too.  These should be everywhere.

Parleys Canyon Wildlife Overpass lets animals walk over I-80 in Utah

Click here to watch the video!

Click image to watch video   Video Credit: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. |

Video Credit: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. | Back in 2018, the Utah Department of Transportation opened a $5 million overpass across six lanes of the highway as part of an effort to reduce crashes between cars and animals. It was the state’s first project like this.

The DOT and researchers at Utah State University have been monitoring the new system ever since. And, it appears to be working remarkably well.

For two years, the Parleys Canyon Wildlife Overpass has allowed critters to stroll and sprint across I-80 without having to worry about the fast cars down below. The overpass is covered in rocks and logs to make the animals feel right at home, and it’s got high fencing to make sure they don’t accidentally tumble off.


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