An alternative Rattlesnake kit!

I know, we are out of rattlesnake season… but this is an interesting idea and I wanted to pass it onward.

We all dread the snake bite.  Aladdin was bitten on a trail ride and it was a horrifying ordeal to get him off of the mountain and to the vet before he suffocated.  Since then, I carry the a vial of relief in my trailer – but the medicine is rendered ineffective easily – so it would be nice to have an alternative.


Hubby found this article and sent it to me:

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Equine Rescue Airways
Vet Med Trail Packs, LLC, with the assistance of veterinarians, has developed a device to maintain an open airway for equines when extensive swelling of the nose and face occurs.  Equines are obligate nose breathers – they cannot functionally breath through their mouth.  This makes facial and nose swelling a life-threatening emergency due to the possibility of suffocation if the soft tissues of the nasal passages swell.  Unfortunately, many equine deaths following rattlesnake bites on the nose are due to this.  We have developed these rescue nasal tubes to be inserted in the horses nose during such emergencies to maintain an open airway while veterinarian assistance is called.  These tubes do not replace the need for veterinarian care, but will sustain the airway while help is being summoned.  Of particular importance, are the detailed instructions we include with these tubes.

Sizes available:
Extra Large:  Large Warmblood/Draft Horse
Large Horse:  Standard 1000 lb Horse
Small Horse/Pony
Small Pony

Airway kit includes:
2 airway tubes
3 lubrication packets
1 set of detailed instructions


For only $20, could be a good trick to have in your arsenal.  I’m sure it would work for bug bite reactions or allergies as well.

Nobody wants to go through a snake bite… but if you can keep the airway open so they can get to the vet, I think it is a good idea.

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