UPDATE ON SWAYZE with his new pal, READ.

Last week, we told you about our Bucket Fund horse, Read, and his new best buddy, another former Bucket Fund horse, Swayze.  That post was mostly from Read’s perspective.

Today, we hear about Swayze – who you helped in March of 2017.  He was horribly skinny and full of operable cancer that was impeding his ability to pass manure.

Through the grace of HorseGods, these two souls ended up together at SKYDOG SANCTUARY.

Here is their update from Swayze’s perspective.

Nose to nose just the way they like it


With everything going on in Malibu I was just reminded that I never finished telling the second half of the story about Read and Swayze. These two old boys didn’t start off as friends. Read came in alone from a kill pen in Oklahoma and was turned out with a bunch of bossy mares to take care of but they turned out to be a little too much for him to handle and he spent most of his time avoiding them and eating separately for some peace. Then Swayze had come in with Priscilla from a feedlot in Colorado who assured me they were both mustangs and neither turned out to be. Priscilla did turn out to be pregnant and had strangles and Swayze sadly had cancer. When they were better Swayze and Priscilla formed a little bond until she had Dalton at which point we had to take Swayze out as he didn’t seem keen on sharing his mare with a baby.

If he could see them he spent all day running the fence crying and if we took him out of sight he called to her all day – we really were in a pickle until the day Read decided to leave his herd of ladies and wander around looking for where all the noise was coming from. He could clearly hear a horse in need and he took it upon himself to come and help. He stood outside Swayze’s pen and even his presence seemed to calm the old boy. He stopped calling and spent the day nose to nose with Read through the fence. When it came time for feeding we took a chance and let Read in with him. And it was love. Instantly Read was happy and Swayze hasn’t cried for Priscilla once since that day. He lost quite a bit of weight pining for her but has since gained it all back and some and he and Read are close as close can be. They lay down together, stand up at the same time, stand close by each other, graze together and even share their precious grain. They are best friends and now when Swayze sees Priscilla he looks up and seems to not even know her. Horses are funny creatures. He has moved on. He has found a better stronger love with his old friend Read. They are funny as they both seem to each think they are looking after the other but in a way they are. Swayze is calm happy and peaceful now and Read isn’t having to fight for his dinner. We put his herd of bossy mares in with the wild boys and they are blissfully happy there too. I think they just needed a young strong studdy boy to stand up to them. Priscilla has moved in with the other mares and foals, is happy with her new family and spends her days fussing over Dalton. I love a happy ending x Swayze is about to have laser surgery to remove some of the tumors on his tail and butt thanks to the readers of Horse and Man for donating for his surgery. Update soon x

SWAYZE AND READ, with Barkley trying his hardest to look as majestic

Our beautiful ghost boy Swayze


Somehow these two battle weary old guys found kindred spirits in each other… who knew?!

(from Clare at Skydog) I love kissing that sweet face

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Read’s wound from the old embedded halter is stunning, isn’t it? Hard to believe that he has no more pain there. He is fine. Wow.

Looking way better now x


When Swayze first came to the rescue, he was sick, skinny and bonded with Priscilla, who was pregnant.  No one thought that bond could be usurped.  But it was – happily ever after – with Read.

Wrongs can be righted.  There is a happy ending.

This was Swayze when he arrived at Skydog… very sick, very malnourished and full of (operable) cancer.


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