A HORSE AND HUMAN HOTEL JUST OFF I-44! It has so much interest, we need more of these!!!

I saw this on FB and am so excited – The I-44 HORSE HOTEL, LLC!

An AirBnBarn is something I would love to do if I had a large piece of property with easy access to a large thoroughfare – and if Hubby was into construction.

I have none of these things… so I am very excited and totally impressed that someone else is doing it!  I think someone needs to create a network of AirBnBarns and get this going!!

Brand new!


Contact Info:

7574 SH-28 W
Adair, Oklahoma, OK 74330

Phone:  918-323-1555

Facebook page linked here.

From the I-44 Horse Hotel FB page:

The response has been overwhelming! Instead of asking in the comments section, PLEASE CALL 918-323-1555 to schedule your stay! We are trying our best to respond to all comments, but we are falling way behind! Please call if we haven’t responded – it’s your best chance to get your desired dates!

I-44 Horse Hotel is finally open! We are conveniently located about 45 miles northeast of Tulsa, Oklahoma with VERY EASY access to I-44. I-44 Horse Hotel offers comfortable and safe accommodations for those traveling with their 4-legged friends. Whether you prefer to sleep in our fully-furnished bunk room across the hall from your horses or in your RV/trailer parked just outside the barn, you’ll rest comfortably knowing your horses are enjoying a much needed rest from the rigors of traveling.

The longest rigs can easily pull in/out. Our two RV pads have water and both 30 and 50 amp electric service.

We offer 5 inside stalls with deep pine shavings over rubber mats and 5 covered outdoor stalls. A large turnout pen is also available.

Come stay with us; we are confident you’ll be glad you did! Give Travis a call at 918.323.1555 and schedule your stay!

RV pad = $35; inside stall = $25; outside stall = $20; bunkroom $75

Very comfy looking!

PHOTOS FROM THE FB PAGE (No affiliation)

It looks clean, safe, and cute!  Much better than sleeping in your trailer or a nasty roadside hotel.

(I don’t know these people at all… but I like the idea.)

What a great idea and I hope they are very successful!

SPREAD THE WORD!  WHAT A GREAT IDEA!  We need more of these all across the US!

How courageous for them to be willing to put up horses and people.  With all the liability at stake, many people would back off.   I commend these people for seeing the need, and making it.

If you build it, they will come.


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  1. Travis Linn

    Thank you so much for featuring my horse hotel!! My family has worked very hard to provide a safe and comfortable facility for the traveling horseman. If you are passing through our area, we’d love to have you spend the night with us!!

  2. Michele

    Would this be useful outside of Bozeman Montana?
    Let me know because we’ve been thinking about this

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