I realize that this is an odd situation.

Probably there aren’t many of you who will be able to relate to this Llama Drama…

But, I thought I’d tell you about it since the saga continues.

As the Pasture Turns…

She sees me coming and she puts back her ears! This is new.



Bodhi seems to love his Princess.  He’s calm.  He doesn’t try to kill her.  He isn’t breaking down fences to get at her.

When I put them together, they seem like old friends.  She motors around Bodhi with grace.  He tries to grab a snorffle as she passes by but pretty much goes on with business as usual when she is around.

They share food.  Sort-of.  She shares her food with Bodhi…

PLL eats very little compared to Bodhi.  She isn’t food driven like his is – which may be why he likes her.  What’s his is his and what’s her is his, too.

PLL loves her llama grain, but I do let her eat that in peace.

Bottom line, they are fine with each other and that was the plan.

So, Yay!


Now I think she’s mad at me.

Look at this face! What did I do?!



PrincessLlamaLlamaLlama is soooooo emotional.

She reminds me of my teenage daughter.

She wants attention but snubs me if I give it to her.


Except in the case of the llama, I really don’t understand her!

I need to figure this out…

She forgets about me momentarily to sniff the cat she likes… notice her ears are neutral.



I know she wants me to do something for her, I think.

She will follow me if I’m in her pasture.  She will sniff me if I squat down.  But, she won’t let me touch her anymore.  She will move just ever so slightly out of my reach and give me a sideways glance.

“Oh noooo you don’t, girlfriend.”

But if I leave her pasture, she stares at me while I go and toots at me the entire time until I go into the house.  If I turn around and go back into her pasture, she will continue to ignore me.  However, she does stand near me when I am in there.

So odd.

I’ve wondered if she is upset that I’m gone more now?  Maybe she’s upset that I let Bodhi into her pasture and he messes up her water and pool…  Maybe she wants me to pay her attention and not Bodhi.  Do I owe her money?

I cannot figure it out.  Why am I on her human non grata list?

But, I did have the idea that she and I need some face time.  Some real llama/keeper alone time.

So, I’m going to halter her and walk her around the property on Friday.  By doing this, I’ll know if she actually just doesn’t like me – since it will be evident on our walk… – or if maybe she just needs some llama adventure.  I’ll take photos.

Wish me luck…

We’ll see if that makes her happier.

I took this photo this morning… Oy. She is pissed.  So Friday she and I have a date to walk around the ranch and work it out together.  (As sad as it makes me that she’s upset, this photo cracks me up!)

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. MET

    To Anna:

    I confess to being pretty ignorant about llamas. But there are certainly web pages and sites that indicate a solatary llama – even a female – can be happy with sheep, goats, horses, etc.

    Maybe you would like to educate us all with your knowledge?

  2. Mary

    I’m sure you’ve thought of this by now, but it looks like the llama is trying to protect Bodhi from you. Aren’t llamas gaurd animals sometimes?

  3. Ruth

    I am new to Llammas also, they are good with other species but will fail to thrive or grieve if not kept with other camilids. She needs a companion also…borrow one and see.

  4. MET

    You know, it almost looks like she is taking the role of protecting Bodhi – he’s behind her in those photos. That would be pretty amusing. :)

  5. Anna Blake

    The breeder who sold you this llama for this purpose should be punished. Females are not good for this, and no ethical breeder would sell a singleton. Llamas need other llamas much more than horses need other horses.

    I know you have at least looked at my blog, because you have pulled photos off of it, and I write about llamas and horses together- successfully.. If you want more information you may email me….

    But you are right. She is mad and she has a right to be. Sorry for being blunt, but I am concerned for your llama. I have alot of respect for this species, as I do horses.

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