ALL 177+ MINIS were re-homed on Saturday!

(In case you missed the original post, you can read it here.)

From what I understand, there were many more buyers there than horses so bidding wars erupted!


A sea of Mini horses …

The highest bid was rumored to be $3000 (no confirmation of this) and the lowest was $300 (no confirmation of this).

The overall consensus was that the average price was $500.


The three mini donkeys did go together and were won for $2400!


These were the three donks after the sale. They went together for $2400!



I found this video on the web regarding the sale:

Click image to watch the local news story.

Inside the auction… they ran it like a regular livestock auction. The mini look so small!



I heard that a woman was outbid on the mini #173.  This woman couldn’t stop thinking about him.  So, she wrote on the original FB page that she wondered who got him.

As kismet would have it, the woman who purchased #173 decided that he wasn’t meant for her.

Somehow, the women found out about each other and #173 was sold to the woman who originally wanted him (for less than his original price!).

Great story!



There are two FB pages dedicated to the Auction.

The original was set up to get the word out is linked here.  I think it will close down next week.

The new site, “After the Storm” (linked here) is set up as a forum for the adopters to keep in touch and post pics of the minis in their new homes.

I just spent about 30 minutes on that site… looking over all the photos!  It was so heartwarming to see the ‘after’ pics.

I’ll post some here for you…


I love this shot because you can see she is pointing to the number for her memorybook – and there are several gals in the background wrangling their new minis!


In the trailer, heading home!


Another new member of the family…


This foal has a new home…


Another in her new digs


These were purchased together!  Yay!



The way it should be… a girl and her pony.


I’m thrilled by this outcome!

Humans networked, the County did a great job of upkeep and feeding while the minis were in their care, the auction house did their part – the end was good.

Judging by the turnout of adopters, I wonder if people felt that they could care for a mini much easier than they could care for a horse.  This huge number of potential owners made me wonder if any of these people had to give up their full-sized horses and had now downsized?  Dunno.

I’m sure vet bills are the same with little horses as big horses.  But, it is true that they eat less and require less space…

Perhaps it is easier to adopt a mini horse for all the same reasons that big dogs languish in shelters when little dogs are adopted all around them.

Little is easier.

Easier to feed, easier to handle and you don’t have to feel guilty for not riding them…


Although this was a huge success and every horse found a new home, part of it was bittersweet because in a town just a few hours north, there was a horse auction where no one came… and all the horses were sold – less successfully…

(Bowing my head for the big horses left behind.)


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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