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I spent a large part of today trying to figure out a secure way to help the minis.

One of my outreach efforts connected with a Rescue in Oregon whom I trust.  She sent this information which really made me feel better.

So, I’m passing it onto you.

I’ve been involved with both the DA and ALDF on this case.  Several Oregon rescues are prepared to take any minis that are not bid on or do not find homes – but the response to the auction has been tremendous. We’re hopeful that most find homes.

Sadly, this auction is not as it’s been portrayed by a few unscrupulous rescues who are using this as a fund raising event – prior to even taking any animals in. This is not a “kill” auction, it’s not likely there will be any meat buyers there (it wouldn’t be profitable to show up and realistically only be able to purchase a few minis for their load) – in fact – since this case has had so much publicity – many former owners are coming forward to purchase their animals back after being scammed by the defendant.

I hope the vast majority of people will NOT donate to any rescue until they see where the chips have landed and who truly has taken in any needy animals. I know at least one rescue intends to purchase (read – outbid) as many as they can – regardless of the other organizations on standby offering to take them for free or at a reduced rate after the sale.

None will be left behind. I’ve been in touch with ALDF who is working with the county on the case. The DA knows there are Oregon rescues who will take what’s left for $1 each or some small fee –  and should they even hold off on that – the county has been provided funding to hold on to them until they have a second sale or something. No idea if that’s even an option, things are so up in the air – but they’ll be safe.  I have no fear about having enough cash at the event….

There’s a chance that only a small handful will end up in rescue. I’ll get a full report and let you know how many go where – then you can decide which rescues to blog on if you want?  

There’s just no way to know where the chips will fall until it’s over. The good rescues (that I know) have funding already set aside – or they wouldn’t risk taking in animals they can’t care for. I shy away from sending rescues money to “buy” horses – because if they can’t afford them, they shouldn’t take them – but it’s nice to replenish their general fund after that fact.  I hope that makes some sort of sense…my brain is water logged from being out in the monsoon clearing ditches! lol 

My feeling is that this is a huge undertaking but none of the 177+ horses are in DIRE STRAIGHTS.  I feel we have enough eyes in attendance that if there was an issue, people would rush in.

I also believe that if some minis are left over, we will have time to round up the troops and go get them.

So, I’m going to stand down and watch acutely.

If we are needed, enough people will let me know.

And hopefully, when the dust settles, we can learn about the special needs minis and we can help those individuals who have rescued the sick and needy.


This was sent to me and it made me laugh outloud.

Hopefully, it will do that for you, too!

Click here to watch the video or click the image below!

Click image to laugh outloud with this joyous video about a crazy pony!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Ritambhara Tyson

    If that video doesn’t make you want to go out and get a mini, nothing will. That was hysterical. I think I’ll watch it daily for my giggle quota.

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