It always cracks me up when I turn on the sprinklers for the horses…  just like us, some like it, others – not so much.

Today felt hot to me, so I dug out the sprinkler heads and decided that Summer starts now.

As usual, Finn and BG were first to jump in.  They are both water horses and love to play, suck, run, paw and destroy sprinklers.  Dodger, too.  He is always up for a good soak.

The newbies, Missy Miss Eden and Mo… they were interested, but kept about an inch distance between them and the actual water.  I don’t think either got wet but they might have been misted.

Wrigley wants to play in the sprinkler, he really does… maybe someday he will gain the courage.

Annie and Gwen… meh.



Of course, Finn is the first to the water sprinkler.

He dances around it as the newbies, Mo and Missy Miss Eden don’t know what to make of it. Wrigley is near Finn.

Here we have the procession. Finn, Missy Miss and Wrigley.

Finn plays, Missy Miss E watches and Wrigley stands back. Mo acts uninterested.

Finn loves the water…

As Finn moves away, Mo comes in for a better view. That is Finn in the back with Wrig behind him.

Missy Miss decides to roll.

Here comes BG. She wasn’t aware of the sprinkler until now.. She marches in!

She loves the water, too!

Drinking it in as Wrigley watches…

I left them and brought the rotating sprinkler over to Dodger. He started pawing immediately.


He loves the spray directly on his back – actually he loves it all over. Norma, not so much… That is Annie on the right. She was having none of it – but she was interested.

Dodger drinking.

Aha!! After everyone had had their fill, Wrigley moved in! He let is spray all over his back! Atta boy! Very brave!


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