Since we are locked down here in California, my days are similar.  Mostly, I’m spending time going through closets and throwing out stuff I’ve accumulated over the 4.5 years I’ve lived in this new house.  When we got here, there was a lot of room, now, not so much.  I don’t like that.  So, I’m holding every item in front of me and deeply considering if I need it or not.  If not, it goes in the ‘donate’ or ‘trash’ bin.  It feels good.

Also, I’m doing fun stuff like grazing horses on grass, before the the rains come.

Today, I had Gwendolyn and Norma Jean out.  As usual, Gwendolyn got into everything possible.  I also gave Dalton, Mo and Missy Miss the 6 acres to roam.  They usually have the 6 acres but usually not together.  I switch their times because Mo and Dalton tend to fight over Missy Miss.

Another great thing… the back patio was pressure washed.  Tomorrow, I purchase primer and paint!!


Time to graze the horses (Norma Jean and Gwen) before the rains come. As you can see, the trees just dumped all of their leaves, so the grass it tough to find.

Typical Gwen… she was just grazing on the front lawn, but of course, the back lawn that she cannot reach, is most attractive.

I opened the garage to get her grooming supplies to fix her mane… and she walked right in.

I live on a steep hill, which is why it isn’t that great for horses – I mean, they are very fit… but the ground erodes. Anyway, way down the hill, you will see dots. Those dots are Dalton, Mo and MIssy Miss.

Here I zoomed in… Dalton, Missy Miss and Mo

We were called into work to go on a hike on the 2000 acres, which was lovely. Our work has two new puppies. This is one of them. They are Great Pyranees and Kuvatz. Their job is to guard the goats/sheep when they are adults.

Here they are, following our chef who was on the hike with us.

This is one of the peaks at my work, looking down at the winery. The property is 2000 acres. Once Dalton and I are ready, I will take him here. (One of the other girls who works here gets to ride her horse on property, so I hope I will be able to, too!)

The mountains in the distance are the Coastal Range which is where San Simeon and Hearst Castle reside.

Back to reality:  The back of the house has been pressure washed! Now I am ready to paint!  I figure I’ll start on the part that nobody sees first… and perfect my technique.


WE are MORE THAN halfway there!  WE JUST NEED $500 to pay for them all!

All taken from a killer feedlot, these 5 need bail repayment/vetting/shots/wormer/trailering/quarantine.  $350 each or $1750 for the 5.  They are adorable (one pony even had braided hair at the kill pen) and deserve a fresh start.  Can anyone adopt the pregnant Jenny?Please help if you can!  MANY MANY MANY THANKS!

Is there Holiday Love left for these 5?

Click here to donate!  THANK YOU!  All donations are 100% tax deductible.

One eyed Shetland, Pregnant Jenny, timid Jenny

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