Farrier Day! And a dust-up.

Fernando came today!  We were so busy chatting that I forgot to take enough photos!

These are all pretty awful… I was not on my game today.  However, I did post a sweet pic at the end.

Good Boy Finn. Always a gentleman.

I turned around to this… Mo and Dalton fighting over a non-plussed Missy Miss.

Mo is a tough donkey – they all are. He was a wild BLM donkey before he came here – and it shows. He can hold his own against the mustang.

When they got in the corner, I yelled at them to knock it off. Missy Miss walked away and the boys stopped.

Back to normal. Missy Miss is in the shade. Dalton has forgotten all about it and Mo is scratching his rump on a post.

This s a horrible photo of Beautiful Girl with half of Wrigley in the background.

Another horrible shot. This time, Missy Miss.

Here is Dalton, looking sheepish. You can see he lost a chunk behind his ear… he has wet spots and bites all over him from his dustup with Mo. Clearly, Mo landed more bites than the other way around.

Mo is a tough donkey! He didn’t have a scratch on him.

Dalton turning his head to take Fernando’s phone out of his pocket…

Dalton, still pouting over his defeat… Norma in the background, waiting her turn.

A horrible photo of Gwen. I had just totally done her mane, too…

Since I took such awful photos, here is a pic of a darling cabin that would make a great tack room/girl hut. I love it!


WE are MORE THAN halfway there!  WE JUST NEED $450 to pay for them all!

All taken from a killer feedlot, these 5 need bail repayment/vetting/shots/wormer/trailering/quarantine.  $350 each or $1750 for the 5.  They are adorable (one pony even had braided hair at the kill pen) and deserve a fresh start.  Can anyone adopt the pregnant Jenny?Please help if you can!  MANY MANY MANY THANKS!

Is there Holiday Love left for these 5?

Click here to donateTHANK YOU!  All donations are 100% tax deductible.

One eyed Shetland, Pregnant Jenny, timid Jenny

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