REMEMBER THE STALLION WHO SAVED THE FILLY IN THE RIVER? – WELL, he and his herd need our help – All we have to do is “like” his FB page! EASY. 10,000+ “Likes” and his cause will be taken seriously.

I first wrote about this amazing herd when Champ saved one of his fillies from being swept down river.  You can read that story here.

I wrote again about this herd to let everyone know about them.   Not only does their lead stallion exhibit great leadership and bravery, these horses are quite unique in their choice of habitat –  the river.  They are quite adept swimmers.  This equine water adaptation is rare and stunning to watch.

Recently, I heard that Champ and his herd were in danger of being collected and sent to “??” since they are considered estray and not BLM animals (BLM animals would be protected).  I wrote about this potential gather here and also posted an open letter from Becky Standridge who had first hand experience and disputed what the Forest Service was claiming at the time.  Many of you were in uproar and your words/comments/emails helped assuage the Tonto National Forest Service (in Arizona) to not act against them – temporarily.


However, Champ’s reprieve was not long lived.  Today, I am writing because the herd’s plight is real.  They are again threatened.  Champ and his herd are being considered for removal.

WHAT WE CAN DO? -We have three weeks…


10000 ‘likes’ will do it!  (There are 2889 as I write this…)

CLICK HERE to go to the Salt River Wild Horses Facebook page.

If you have any issues, use this link:


CLICK Here to ‘like’ the Salt River Wild Horses


These unique, healthy, hearty horses are threatened by the Forest Service. All you have to do right now is LIKE their FB page to establish Public Interest… Click image to go to the Salt River Wild Horses FB page!


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Click image to read about Spirit, our Bucket Fund Mare for July!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Barbara Milvid

    Leave these magnificent animals alone. The horses should be protected.

  2. Florece Eaise

    I will do all i can to help these horses! Ive liked the page and will spread the word thanks

  3. Annie McHale

    Truly wonderful horses and God’s gift to us… LEAVE THEM ALONE…..

  4. Linda du Toit

    Its such a luxury and pleasure to have a wild herd in your area. I think its horrific that these animals aren’t appreciated for what they are, last of the wilderness in our built up world. They should be protected and admired not seen as threat and not owned. Its really sad, some people are only interested in destroying what beauty is left in our world, they should be dragged to the nearest abattoir rather than the majestic animals they are wanting to destroy.

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