PROGRESS on the house!

First of all, thank to all of you who responded to my FB post yesterday.  THANK YOU.  I greatly appreciate the input, the kindnesses and the willingness to offer ideas.  Means a lot.


Here are some photos of my progress on painting the house.  Right now, I have gone all around the house to as far as I can reach without a ladder.  Next will be the ladder.

Here is the house this past Spring.

Here it is today… You can see that I didn’t do the base concrete yet.

This is our end of the house… The house is 4000 square feet on a single level. But it is really two homes that are connected. The AirBnB is the original home. Our end is the remodel.

This is outside of our bedroom. You can see the pitch is very much taller than I am. With our biggest ladder, I still won’t be able to reach the top. Hubby will have to do that part. I will replace the planters with weather-proof versions. However, those are really pretty in the Spring and Summer with all of the Gerber daisys.

This is the side of the house no one ever sees. It is the wall of our bedroom, our bathroom and the far wall of the garage.

Another really tall pitch. There are 3. The other one is near the citrus trees.

This is the Air BnB part backyard. It is the easiest section. I should have this done next. Simple ladder work is all that is needed to reach the blue spots.


This was the house before the previous owner created the addition. It was GREY! The garage door you see is not there, of course. That garage is now my office and they added onto this part to create a huge master bedroom and a three car garage. We live in the new part. Also, aren’t the prices in California nuts?! Can you believe what the former owner paid for this original house?!



OK, so I was about to feed tonight and I took my phone out to take a pic of the dogs.  You can see Natty out front and Vivey’s nose in the bottom left corner of the frame.  They were both helping me feed.

OK, so I was about to feed tonight and I took my phone out to take a pic of the dogs.  You can see Natty out front and Vivey’s nose in the bottom left corner of the frame.  They were both helping me feed.

I turned to take this shot of Wrigley standing so pretty, waiting for dinner…

I stopped to take this pic of Wrigley who was standing so pretty – begging me to feed him first.

And then I turned back around in an INSTANT… and the dogs were no where in sight… they were waaaaaay down the hill.  I was impressed.

I literally turned back around to find the dogs ALL THE WAY DOWN THERE in just seconds. Dogs are amazing.


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  1. Doris McQuiddy

    I’m leaving a comment to see if I can get H&M to show up in my news feed again. I’ve invited people that come to my page to go to your home page and try to like or follow and to share with all their horse loving friends to do that too. We’re all trying to get you back. ;

  2. cheryl mendenhall

    Dawn – I’m so sorry that FB is so obstructionist. I have followed you for years and read most every post you make. Your cause is one that is so important and I depend on you to tell me where my minimal horse dollars can best be spent. I don’t have any suggestions for you except for asking your top supporters to be sure to follow you via email and pull away from FB since support from them is not reliable. I will continue to watch your posts and donate as I’m able to make horse’s lives better. Take care!
    BTW – The paint job looks great. We painted our house a medium gray two years ago and I love it.

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