I’m so upset with myself. (It isn’t that bad…)

Do you ever leave items behind in your shopping cart – when loading your car?  After you’ve paid?

I did that tonight…

It was late, it was dark and I was in a hurry.

So, I left $50 worth or Silver Lining Herbal Wormer in my cart.  I think because it was dark and the flip side is silver, I didn’t see it… or I dropped it all in the parking lot, but I think I would have heard it fall.

I called Tractor Supply when I got home and discovered my mistake.  They said they had all the carts ‘in’ and they didn’t see any products left behind.  And, he said that they have no more… (I know because I purchased what they had.)

So, maybe someone who needs it more, picked them up.

(Poor BG, they were for her.  Special.)

Anyway, I hate when this happens… especially during shutdowns.

Ahhh, I know things could be worse.  Still, I’m going to go back to that parking lot in the early morning, just as the sun rises, so maybe I can find them.

…like a pit bull on this kinda stuff.


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