OVER 250 Draft Mix babies, Mares… and Nicely Bred QH available NOW: Need homes by Jan 21.

I don’t usually publish ‘alerts for homes needed’ because it is so emotionally overwhelming to have this mad rush in just a few days… especially when I cannot control the information and don’t have any feet on the ground.

Having said that, I greatly respect Animali Farm and how they are trying to help the last of the PMU horses find a better life.  Animali does not rescue them, they facilitate for individuals and the ranch owners.  Animali is the gateway.  They have a long standing relationship with these ranchers and have saved many horses.

So, these horses are said to go to slaughter on Jan 21st.  I do know that it is true that these horses will most likely end up in slaughter very soon.  Most of them are very healthy, fat and fit – perfect for a meat buyer.  Animali will know these details.

So, if you have room, the money and the inclination, please check out these available horses!

Also, you can donate towards the rescue of a particular horse on their website.

After all, it is all about the horses in the end.  So if ONE horse is saved through this post, that is wonderful.

Just a few of the draft horse babies available and set to ship. Ugh. Click image to see more.




In a nutshell, the reason Animali rescue horses seem expensive is because EVERYTHING is paid for with adoption.  This includes the fee to the rancher (which is just slightly more than a meat price for a fat and healthy horse), Coggins, Health Certificate, transfer across the border from Canada AND transportation to the adoptive home.

Everything is included because they need to make sure once the horse is rescued, it is removed from the ranch immediately and has a place to go.

These are some of the REGISTERED Quarter Horse foals in the group. click to find page

Grown Percherons who were in the PMU service...

Grown Paint Geldings...



Click here to the gateway to review all the different types of horses available NOW through Animali Farm..

Click to search through the available horses



Unfortunely, the Animali Website doesn’t allow me to link to any of their pages.  So, just be clever.  Go to the site and mine down to the type of horse you want via the tabs.   Or, if you need help, just call or email them:

Call or Email them.



Click to go to the website

Click to go to the website

Click to go to the website


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Angfreda

    I would like to ask another question along the line of Anitas:

    Why he [ranch owner] still has horses, incl YOUNG horses [ie he’s still breeding and threatening to send them to slaughter] YEARS after losing his contract? It seems to me that once these ranches lost their contracts and 11 months passed, ie the in-utero foals were born, ceasing to breed these horses would have been prudent

    They also note these horses are from 3 ranches in ID and ND, but then note the owner was working with a rescue- so we have one owner of 3 ranches in 2 states that has 250 total horses to disperse, incl young horses YEARS after losing contracts? Do I have that straight?

  2. Pam van Ee

    I have been working with the Animali Farm for the past several years and am proud that I could help save the lives of many pregnant mares, gorgeous and sweet foals, and a couple of geldings, all of which headed for slaughter. My modest gifts have also helped to feed horses being kept by Animali Farm because their “time was up.” Loving homes sometimes are not available before these innocents are scheduled to be sent to slaughter and feed and hay costs are getting more expensive every day. Consider too the shipping costs which are obvious to us each time we need to fuel up our personal vehicles, but are not often factored into the price of the horses. Think about shipping horses many of which are essentially wild in the case of the foals, and adult oversized draft mares in late pregnancy, many of them having never been haltered.

  3. Anita

    I read through everything you wrote on your website and I see that what you are saying is true. I must apologize for my first comment in that I hadn’t read everything when I commented. I myself have three horses that came from Pmu ranches and you are right that many of them have very good bloodl ines. I couldn’t wish for better horses and don’t think anyone would be disappointed with any horse they may decide to adopt. Sorry I made a hasty comment before I checked it out more carefully.

  4. dawndi Post author

    Here is Jennifer from Animali’s reply to Anita:
    “We have been clear that this rancher has been out of the urine business for several years. He worked with a different rescue who placed a lot of his adult horses, and a lot of foals, but not all of them. We are trying to finish the job and get the rest of the horses into new homes.”

  5. dawndi Post author

    I totally appreciate your apprehension and applaud you for your questioning nature. There are many fruads out there… But, this isn’t one of them. Animali farm is legitimate. I will forward your email to them directly so they can answer your concerns.

  6. Anita

    I don’t trust this information. I live in the area where the PMU is processed. It was spring 2010 that there was another big cut back in PMU ranches. Even before that the ranches in North Dakota were cut. There have only been ranches in Manitoba for some time now. At this time of year no ranches would be getting cut because it is still production season. Please don’t think I support this PMU situation, I just think it should be checked out abit more before people send money.

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