OMG!  Another great opportunity for you all!   I swear, get a plane ticket to Carson City, Nevada now!  These horses are well trained, smart, healthy and the last of a slowly dying breed.

I ADORE Rojo, my accidental adoptee from the last auction.  (If you’d like to read his stories, click here.)  He is so calm, smart, well trained, obedient, happy and a THINKING HORSE.  He doesn’t spook easily and is very sure of himself but still plays nicely and gets along with others.  A true gentleman and scholar.

As a background, these horses were all wild until recently when they were rounded up and stuck in over-crowded BLM holding pens.  Ugh.  All of them are familiar with survival – both on the land and in heartbreaking situations.

YAY! Another great opportunity to get your own ROJO!



I’m not advertising them as cheap so you can abuse or discard them.  They may be cheap but they aren’t unworthy…  I’m merely saying that the auctions are not well attended and some of these great horses aren’t even bid upon.  Last time, 4 very fine horses had no bidders.

However, one cannot go up there with a stock trailer and expect to buy cheap horses for resale or slaughter.  The wranglers and Brand Inspectors are a bit partial to these horses since they have worked with them for the last 4 months…  You have to prove that you have the property to house a mustang (or a proper boarding facility)  so BE PREPARED to show them what you have and back it up.




I think Rojo is the second best horse I’ve EVER purchased.  (The first best horse was Aladdin and since I have a small statue erected to him plus his photos all over the house, beating him to my heart would be a tall order.  But, Rojo is a close second already!)

This was Rojo's listing from his Adoption in October last year.



The BLM knows that folks come from out of state and don’t bring trailers to the auctions.  So, they will keep any horse that you bid on temporarily while you arrange transport.

Another great thing is that they do have a Brand Inspector and Vet on the premises of the auction and therefore provide a Coggins and Health Certificate (HC is good for 10 days) immediately INCLUDED IN THE ADOPTION FEE (that alone is worth more than the initial starting bid of $150 which several horses sold for last time)!

So, there are no delays once you have transportation set up.  (They also know local equine truckers who will haul for you out of state…)

This is the new group. Look at them all standing in a huge group- calm.



Do it.  If you have always had a hankering for this kind of a horse, and you have proper facilities and you have the money to take on another horse… do it.

Rojo is incredible and I didn’t even meet him before I bid on him… it just happened.  So, I think they are all very, very good horses.


























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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Michelle

    this has been a long time goal of mine. I am buying a home and will set up an area for my mustang!

  2. dawndi Post author

    Sometimes, but rarely, they do have mares. But, it seems that mares are less friendly in the big pens AND they don’t want people breeding them. So sad.

  3. Jody

    Yeah, it is to far away for me too! ALSO this one is being held on my Birthday! If I could go and get one, it would be an awesome BD present for me. Also I notice they are all geldings. Why is that? I am sure there are mares that are in need of training too. Beautiful horses….thank you for the update. I do look towards your blog for the notices of these sales. Thank you! Some day, I might be able to own one of these awesomely trained horses!

  4. Kitty Bo

    I would love to go to one of these only it is too far away. Wah!

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