One of my projects during the CA lockdown…

It has ALREADY been 2 years since I decided to paint the house.  The issue was extra money to put towards someone painting the house.   The estimate made me cry.

So, I sat around dreaming about colors.  In fact, you all helped me decide which color.  Do you remember this pic?

My color swatching 2 years ago.


Here is a photo from when we purchased the house.  The sheds reflect the color of the entire house.  Powder Blue.  My least favorite color behind Fleshtone.

These were the sheds when we moved in… The entire house is painted that color.


I have a person who comes once a week to help me fix stuff around here.  Today, I asked him to paint the sheds.  Why not?  Couldn’t look worse than they do know with all those swatches on them…

So, he did.  First, actually, he pressure washed the sheds.  Then he painted them.

Now I have a very grand idea… if he pressure washes the entire house, piece by piece, I can paint, piece by piece.

Now I’m excited about that prospect!

We still have to paint some patches and do the trim… but I think it looks great! A nice color with all of the green grape vines in Spring Summer and the brown during Fall Winter.  PS:  There wasn’t even a tree between the two sheds 4 years ago… and even thought the leaves are gone now, you can see how tall the tree between the sheds has grown!


No, I’ve never painted a house before, but I have the time, the inclination, but mostly, I charge the right amount for my services.  And, with the way CA is going… who knows when I will be able to work again.  So, no time like the present!


Here’s a nice photo…


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  1. Bunny

    When you decide to paint the house be sure you purchase all of the needed paint at one time (and some extra for touch-ups) because despite the paint companies’ diligence in keeping colors consistent, occasionally there’s a tiny shade difference between one batch run and the next – esp. if there’s a lag time in between. I found that to my dismay when painting my former house and one section turned out faintly leaning to pea soup green instead of a soft gray green. Only a tiny shade difference not reflected on the can label or in the paint or in the can, or even on a swatch stick….but on a tall and wide wall? Oh, my. Keep in mind too that after pressure washing and wood is wet the part that dries in the sun will be slightly lighter than the part that dries in the shade. Again – hard for the eye to see until looking at big scale.

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