We had a little dust up and somehow, The Pony King Rocky Balboa and the two new donkeys (Ethel Merdonk and Princess Buttercup Pebbles) were let out of their paddock and into the large acreage with Gwen, Dalton, Finn, Wrigley and BG.  It was a horsey extravaganza.

When things settled, I could see that The Pony King kept following Dalton wherever he went.  I don’t know if it was a color thing (they are both light in color) or if it was a KING thing, but it was clear that they were forming a duo.  Well, the pony was forming a duo… I’m not sure if Dalton cared.

I also saw Norma Jean following The Pony King who was following Dalton.  Now we know that Norma has an affinity for Shetlands.  The PK is a Shetland… so she naturally gravitated to him the moment she saw him.  He to her, not so much.  He just doesn’t know what a great friend to a Shetland she has been.

Anyway, they all put themselves away in the pony pasture.  I think Dalton likes that pasture because he can go into the dogleg and watch for me when I come home from work.

Dalton is the King of Kings. The Pony King lets Norma Jean eat close to him. She loves this.


The two new donkeys were not so willing to join up with anyone else.  However, when it was time for dinner, they followed Gwen back into her paddock.  She is probably the least intimidating of the horses.  She’s 26 now and her bully streak has calmed down; although she pins her ears often.

Gwen is grazing outside the paddock while the donkettes are checking out their new digs.


So, now we have Dalton, NJ and The Pony King in the far paddock and Ethel and Pebbles in the next pasture with Gwen.

All is peaceful in the kingdom.  I think The Pony King needed a regular sized horse as a pasturemate.  He seems more settled.

Norma loves her pony… and Dalton.  So she’s happy.

Dalton likes the far paddock, so he’s happy.

The donkettes are happy to be together in a paddock without the pushy pony.  Gwen doesn’t care as long as everyone stays out of her way.


Norma Jean has her pony – although he isn’t really in love with her – yet.

And the eating arrangement suits them all. Everyone is settled and contented. Sigh.


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