Merry Christmas 2021!

All of us at Horse and Man wish you the very best holiday season!

Yes, Norma knows that she doesn’t look like this anymore… but she also loved that hat and that pasture… so next Christmas, I promised her that we would be back in Grass Valley.

Thank you all for putting up with such a tumultuous year for me here.  And, thank you all for reading and writing and donating.  I read every email, text, comment and I count every penny for each horse in need.  Thank you.  Sometimes, you readers – strangers but not really – are my lifeblood.   I know your names.  I know your sentiments.  Many of you have been friends since the beginning.

Cheers to you all, 2022 and our move back to Grass Valley!

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  1. Judith Vanderkay

    I’ve solved that problem these days by going to a bitless bridle, but before that, I had a bit warmer that took an insert of a hand-warmer packet, the kind you squeeze to activate. You put in in the fabric warmer and then wrap the warmer around the bit and secure it with velcro. It worked great, and I could leave everything in my tack truck because it didn’t need any outside heat source.

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