A LAST MINUTE HALLELUJAH let’s help someone who helps the horses in need Every Single Day! Please read.

Marlene Dodge is one of those fantastic horse haulers who is always there to help horses in need, always ready to travel across country for horses in need, always ready to do what needs to be done to help.  She is famous for helping mustangs and donkeys at kill pens.  Marlene has worked for me (She hauled my horses to Paso, she hauled Annie to SoCal, she hauled Dalton’s herd from South Dakota) and she has worked for Skydog more times than I can remember.  Marlene deserves help because she helps so many.  Tirelessly.  Always.  And very, very well.

Marlene has an opportunity to purchase a new rig at 25% of what it would normally cost.  She needs $9500 and has been able to raise just over $3000.

If you have any Xmas money leftover or any Starbucks or any pocket change, please consider Marlene.  This truck will save hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of equines over its life.  A great use of funds, indeed.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!

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(Yes, I did copy this from her Go Fund Me page.  It was written by Shirley Puga who asked me to help and I have her permission.  Go Fund Me is a great platform, but it takes a cut.  Whatever we receive through Horse and Man – all funds go to Marlene.)

Doug Lake with his Ford pickup truck and 24’ stock trailer have saved many horse, pony and donkey lives from emergency situations, and moved others to their forever homes. He said that if something happened to him, he wanted this truck and trailer to go on rescuing with a new driver! Well, something DID happen to him – he died of hypothermia far from home, saving yet more horses. We are raising the money to transfer his truck and trailer to another devoted rescuer – Marlene Dodge of Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue.

Doug ran the 501(c)3 charity Emergency Animal Rescue for 20 years. He rescued domestic & wild animals from life-threatening situations. And once he retired from his day job in a lab, he joyfully began hauling rescued horses, ponies and donkeys to wherever they needed to go, as Doug Lake Rescue Transport.

He had married the love of his life, Carol barely one year earlier. Then in a 2nd blow, Carol was diagnosed with advanced throat cancer shortly after his death. His death and Carol’s illness have depleted their savings, so that Carol is unable to simply donate the truck and trailer, but needs to sell it to pay continuing bills.

Marlene Dodge is a retired State of California Police Officer & Firefighter. Now a full-time animal rescuer, she also has the credentials to retrieve animals left behind in Mandatory Evacuation Zones, where civilians are not permitted to enter even to return to their home to get more of their animals. Marlene drives over 100,000 miles annually to transport at-risk horses to safety. She is the founder and president of Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue, also a 501(c)3.
We are fundraising for Marlene to purchase Doug’s truck & trailer from his widow. It will be his Legacy, and as he wished, continue to serve to transport rescued equines AND evacuate animals from fire, flood, and other perilous situations. It will be owned by Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue, and so donations are tax-deductible as permitted by law.

The cost to purchase the truck and trailer, and do necessary repairs/maintenance to be roadworthy is $9,500.

If you can send a few dollars, and share to others who may do the same, we can put Doug’s rig back to work as he wanted, and hope he can be a Guardian Angel for the many emergency rescues to come.


For more info on Valley ViewRanch Equine Rescue – valleyviewranchequinerescue.org


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