A little bit of sleuthing and a tiny bit of information about Missy Miss!

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I had been inquiring to Lifesavers to find out as much as I could about Missy Miss.

Now, I know… sometimes the less you know makes training easier because you don’t expect anything…

But, I wanted to know because she seemed so willing – and she clearly had worn a halter and led previously.  But, her feet are pretty bad, even after two trims.  She is very sensitive.  I am wondering if she has been unsound previously.  Having bad feet is uncommon among mustangs, so I’m guessing she will be fine – eventually.  But I would like to know if she is normally sound and if she has ever carried weight.

Here is what I know from her paperwork:  2010 bay mustang mare with rust colored mane.

That’s it.

The person who had worked with Missy Miss (formerly known as “Rustique”)  at Lifesavers, has since moved on.

So, no news.

That’s when I went hunting.

This was Missy Miss (Rustique) yesterday. We are working on her very tender feet. I'm hoping this is not a chronic thing... maybe she just needs a few frequent trims and more supplements. Dunno. Mustangs don't usually have feet issues.

This was Missy Miss (Rustique) yesterday. We are working on her very tender feet. I’m hoping this is not a chronic thing… maybe she just needs a few frequent trims and more supplements. Dunno. Mustangs don’t usually have feet issues.  I adore her.  She reminds me of MT.  That big, soulful eye and such a kind girl.

I found her! This is Missy Miss (formerly known as "Rustique")

I found her! This is Missy Miss (formerly known as “Rustique”)


So I googled “Rustique Lifesavers” and up popped a Facebook post from MUSTANG RANCH MINISTRIES.


I clicked on it and the photo said. “This is Rustique she comes from Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue.”


The photo looked like Missy Miss.

So, I perused the FB of Mustang Ranch Ministries and saw that she had a saddle on her back at one point… I did not see a rider or any other training.  But, Missy Miss looked happy enough.

Then I read that for financial reasons, Mustang Ranch Ministries had to close down and give Rustique back to Lifesavers.

So she’s been to at least a few homes.  I can assume she was wild then somewhere before she came to Lifesavers (I had heard that she might have been born on a feedlot from a gathered estray pregnant mustang mare – not sure).  Then Mustang Ranch Ministries, then back to Lifesavers… and to me.

I’m excited!  If I can fix her feet, she will be my winter project, along with Annie.  I’m thinking of putting them together.  They really like each other, so we’ll see.  It might help me to train them together.

This is a 3 year old Rustique (Missy Miss) with a saddle on her back. I'm thinking she wasn't ridden that young.

This is a 3 year old Rustique (Missy Miss) with a saddle on her back. I’m thinking she wasn’t ridden that young.  (From the Mustang Ranch Ministries FB page.)

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