THE NEW FARRIER WAS HERE TODAY! Yay… except… All of my horses need a good spit shine.

There’s nothing like a farrier visit to drive home the fact that the horses need grooming.  Sure, I can look at them when I feed and say, “I should get after that mane”… but having a witness, who goes to a bunch of barns with which to compare, makes me take note.

I mean, it was bad enough that I didn’t have time to run out and pick their feet first, which I would normally do… sigh.  But this poor farrier got unpicked feet, that just grown winter coat that is too hot on a fall day so all the horses are sweaty, too.  Oh, and the flies.  We had rain recently, then sun.  So, now we have flies.

So, my horses were dirty, sweaty, smelly and drawing flies.

Double sigh.

But, he didn’t care… or at least he didn’t let it show.  And he trimmed well, quickly and fairly.  The horses liked him.  They are my best barometer.



We did Dodger first. He was especially sweaty with his wooly coat. I told the farrier that Dodger was 36 and arthritic – and he was very respectful. I liked that.


Next was Norma. He didn’t complain that he had two shorties in a row. Norma was an angel, of course.


Next was Missy Miss. This was one of the three I had initially exchanged to give Sam freedom on the 1000 acres – that didn’t work out. Anyway, Missy Miss is very pretty and always seems to have a smile on her face. The flies were really bugging her. I think she is thin skinned. She was fussy today. Not bad, just not ‘been there, done that’.


This is Beautiful Girl. For the entire 40 minutes of her trim, Finn ran along the fenceline, screaming. He could see her. He knows what was going on – yet he drove himself crazy. She, of course, was an angel.


This is Finn. He totally relaxed when he was out here and BG was put back. As long as she was in the pasture, he was cool. Anyway, I know they look a lot alike. But, Finn has a flaxen mane that falls his right. BG’s mane is blond and it falls to her left.


This is Gwen, in a flymask that doesn’t fit her – but she was happy to have it. Gwen was 21 this year – hard to believe. She is MT’s first born. Gwen was an angel.

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