Grab Bag Day! Two Videos, a Norma update and a Tribute for the two Champs…

I never know what to do with random videos/photos that I gather… so today I have decided to show them to you to help head you towards your weekend.

First, a Norma update…

She is doing very well, thank you!  She is standing on both feet and I see no signs of laminitis although there is still some heat in her left front.  I continue to use the Anti-Flam and she will stay in the stall for at least another week – so I can keep a close eye on her and so I can control her diet.

The girl has got to lose some serious lbs…

Here she is, eating her medicine and standing on both feet comfortably. She had just given me Donkey Stinkeye and had refused to eat in front of me. I'm hiding in the tack room with a zoom lens to get this shot.



This composite was made by the 16 year-old girl, Michelle, who volunteers at the barn where Champ lived and where Little Champ was born, South Florida SPCA.

Michelle has been feeding me photos and giving me updates like a CNN reporter!  I swear, this little girl is trying her hardest to help me help her Rescue get donations.  She is dedicated!  And today, she has sent a photo comparison of the two Champs.

Champ was our very emaciated Bucket Fund horse for April – but didn’t make it… the Bucket Fund is now in honor of him and directed for all of his friends at SF SPCA, especially Little Champ… (click here for the story)

Click to enlarge



This cracked me up!  The video is short but watch the kitty precision!

Here is the direct link.

Click the image to watch this ingenoius cat!



I found this montage on FB with this story:

Click to enlarge

The explanation...





This video was posted on the wall of a 12 year old girl I know… this is her friend in her barn.

I had always dreamed of a gift like this – and this little girl gets to live the dream.

I loved this.  (click here for the direct link)

Click image to watch this touching video...


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. peg

    The girl with the horse made me tear up -and she has beautiful hair!
    Glad Norma is better..
    Lil’ Champ is a cutie..
    The “alarmclock cat” makes me laugh like a loon every time I see it..
    Wonder if the dog and cat live together.

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