UPDATE DAY! Adella, Norma, Baby Autumn, Little Champ, and Bodhi with his boyman!

First off, I wanted to thank all of you for your genuine concern over Norma and her laminitis.

I received more well wishes and advise from all of you (through emails, comments and contact forms) than I have ever received for any other topic – ever.  Such a huge response over my personal pet means a lot to me.  Thank you!

24 hours into this and I can tell you that she is doing much, much better.  Last night, after some Bute, loads of Anti-Flam, Gastra-FX, Biotic 8 and Adren-FX, the girl is standing on both of her feet and walking around her stall.


I won’t say she is 100%, but she is way, way better.

I feel relieved.  And, I will keep you posted on her recovery.  Right now, we are continuing with the Omega Alpha products, since they are working…, and she will remain in the barn for two weeks while I hawkeye her every move.  (I know Dover and Big Dee are now carrying the Omega Alpha products.)

*I am going to write up a post on all the laminitis/founder ideas and products suggested to me from all of you.  Many of the ideas were quite interesting and I have contacted some of the manufacturers to learn more about their products.  I think it might be nice to have all of these remedies available in a handy place… Hopefully you will never need this info, but if you do, it is nice to have all of this good information at your fingertips!

This is Norma today, standing on both feet... but letting me know how she feels about her medicine!



Adella is the 6 year-old mare who was tied up with wire and almost severed her foot trying to free herself (you can read her story here) has had two life options presented to her keepers at Habitat for Horses.

One of the less gruesome of Adella's intake photos...


First, they were approached to start a stem cell program with her.  This is a great and it was offered at a discounted price!  But, that discounted price on such a severe wound was approximately $5000.

Secondly, Arcequine, a wonderful company in the UK, heard about us from a reader (Thank you!) and has offered to send the Arcequine to Habitat for Horses to use on Adella for a few months – free!  The only exchange is information!  If this works on her severed tendon, which the company obviously feels it will, all payment necessary is in record keeping.  Arcequine wants to be able to use the treatment diaries as a testimonial of success.


Free treatment for as long as it takes… Incredible!  As we speak, the Arcequine unit is winging its way to Texas and Habitat for Horses.

The other great part is that I get to watch and be a part of this exercise.  So, you will hear the updates and results hot off the press!!

Here is Adella taken recently... her foot has healed nicely but the tendon is severed. Luckily, there are a few plans in the works for her!



Our draft cross, Bodhi, was leased to our very good friends who wanted a big and stout horse for their tall son.  Since Hubby didn’t have much time to ride Bodhi, we decided to offer our boy to their boy.

Yay!  They love him!  In fact, the whole family rides Bodhi including Hubby’s best friend who is boyman’s father.  BF is a Naval spine surgeon who just spent a tour in Iraq – saving lives and dealing with massive injuries.  Riding Bodhi is a good thing that eases the mind, me thinks.

We are thrilled that Bodhi is able to help this family in all sorts of ways and we are reciprocally thrilled that they give him the love and attention he craves.

Bodhi rubbing his face on Boyman as they pose for the camera...



Yuup…  What goes around comes around.  Little Autumn is giving back!

Her keepers at Hope for Horses were our Bucket Fund recipients in November.  The Horse and Man Group raised over $5500 for her care.

Little Autumn was the filly who was born in an Auction yard, was immediately orphaned, not discovered for many hours and didn’t get her first drink until 16 hours into her first day. Luckily, Hope for Horses jumped in to help save her.  And, with your support, we paid for her emergency care and even found a nursemare just a few minutes away.  You can read her story here.

Little Autumn crashed almost immediately upon arrival to safety...


Anyway, Hope for Horses had a plethora of wormers that had been donated to them.

Out of gratitude or sheer good heartedness, Hope for Horses contacted me and asked if I would recommend a Rescue that was in need of wormers.

I told them that our Bucket Fund for this month, the South Florida SPCA had over 65 horses and really needed  help.  So, Hope for Horses sent 130 tubes of wormer!!!

So Awesome!  The value was $844!!!

Here are a few pics of little Autumn.  You can follow her growth on the Hope for Horses FB page.

Stinker! (click to enlarge)

She's growing up fast with some at-ti-tude! (click to enlarge)


This is my fav.



I just received this from South Florida SPCA!  They say Little Champ is training for the Derby in this one!  He is with  his mother, Connie, and three mini friends.  Prince has his head in the stall, Jackie is walking around him and Titan is the black mini. Fun!

Click this link to watch the movie.  Or, click the image below!

Click image to watch Little Champ run!

HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!


April's Bucket Fund is in Champ's Honor for all of his besties at his final resting place, SF SPCA. Click here to learn more and donate!



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Angie

    Glad to hear Norma is feeling better. Her eyes are bright and that’s always a good thing to see after you know they have been hurting.

  2. Barbara Wood

    Great news, Dawn, about Norma! I prayed for her and you! I know how it feels when Mommy is concerned for her little one, be it human or animal! We love updates! Thank you for those, and keep ’em coming.
    I don’t always get a space for comments on the e-mail, or I would have written yesterday.

  3. peg

    Wow! Such good news all the way around..
    Little Champ must have had a much smaller sire.. Look at where his knees and hocks are in relationship to his moms..

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