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No one wants to start the New Year with what they don’t like… so I’m starting the New Year with what I do like!

Besides 2021 having been a tough year for many…   For me, home is very important.  When I look around here in Paso Robles, I don’t see a barn, or flat land, or loads of shade trees, or grooming areas, or places to ride… or water in our well… or solid soil.

But, when I think about moving back to Grass Valley, I see all of those things!  Just as a reminder to you all that knew me then and a refresher for new readers, here are some pics of the Grass Valley house.

This is Rojo. He now lives at Skydog. As soon as I moved us all to Paso Robles, I knew it was not the right environment for mustangs. Mine were used to being able to run around all kinds of terrain, have shade, wear their feet down… in Paso, it was just one huge open 8 acre pasture. Not the same. So Rojo, Sam and Remi we lucky to be accepted into the lovely womb of Skydog Sanctuary.

Although the drought caused several tree deaths, we still have over 200 full grown trees on the Grass Valley property.

Yup, we lost the huge main tree along the driveway, but you can see how the shade is all over for the horses to get out of the sun and rain. Also, the ground is not clay. It isn’t slippery when wet.

Mama Tess’ barn. It is true, I didn’t use it much before she was ill, and not much after she passed, but it was still wonderful to have a barn – when needed. I love this barn. It is big enough to house everyone either in a stall, aisle of overhang. It is easy to section off horses when they come into the barn. It has hot and cold water and a hay barn. If I had to make a barn again, I’d make it like this.

It is green most of the year. Here are Slick and Dodger. Both passed now, but they had over 25 years a piece on great land.

This is Gwen in front, Remi to the right. Rojo behind Remi and Sam is blocked by Gwen. (Sam passed at Skydog.)


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