GORGEOUS Wild Horse Photo! (Yes, I purchased one. I love it!)

I so love artistic people….  It fascinates me that humans can express themselves through art… because I am not artistic in the traditional ways.

Today, I want to tell you about a photography website I follow,  vitalimpacts.org.   They showcase gorgeous nature photography from award winning photographers.  (No affiliation.)

Every Monday for several months now, they have flash sales of certain prints.  I love this because I love a deal (don’t we all…) and, what is better than a deal on ART?!  Especially equine/nature art!

I’ve been waiting (not very patiently) for a particular print to be put into the flash sale… It is called “Curious Mustang” and it normally sells for $275.  But I knew about these flash sales and I hoped that Curious Mustang would appear one Monday…  Well, yesterday was the day!  So I’m telling all of you!

Today, and this week, Curious Mustang is ONLY $100!  (12″ x 8″)  Of course, I got mine!  And I want you to get yours, too!!  (No affiliation)

Click here for that flash sale deal!

For me, the expression of this young horse in this print – and the dynamism – is lovely.  I also like the two, more shy guys, in the back.  To me, the colors make this look like a painting, but it is a photograph.  I LOVE that!

Great job, Melissa Farlow!  Melissa contributes to a number of Wild Mustang non-profits, including Dr. Yvette Running Horse Collin for her research and work with Native wild horses at Sacred Way Sanctuary (Sacredwaysanctuary.org) in Florence, Alabama.

Here are the other pieces in the Vital Impacts FLASH SALE  this week:

All of the below prints are only $100 as well!!  OMGosh!  I love these images so much…  Isn’t it great to be able to purchase these amazing, award winning photographers at such an affordable rate?!  I grabbed the Rhinos, too!

Shannon Wild. Crash – (I purchased this one, too!)

Click to go to sale page

Aimee Jan. Green Sea Turtle

Click to go to sale

Melissa Groo. Galapagos Sea Lion

Click to go to sale site


Click here to peruse all the glorious photos on the Vital Impacts site.  Have fun!!

Ami Vitale. Kamara and Kilifi. CLICK to go to image

Jody MacDonald. Rajan the Swimming Elephant. Click to go to image

Marina Cano. King. Click to go to image

Vincent J. Musi. Bottlenose Dolphin. We love Vincent. I often post his dog portraits. Click here to go to image.

Steve Woods. Surface Tension. Click here to go to site.

How about that… I picked Musi again! I didn’t even realize that… Vincent J. Musi. Azy the Orangutan – click to go to image.

Hand-Signed Jane Goodall. Self Portrait. Click to go to image.

SO LOVELY.  (Happy Sigh)


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  1. Melissa Farlow

    Thank you for posting my photo and about the sale to support non-profits and nature. There are so many amazing photos that can be collected, and I am honored to be part of this initiative. These yearlings were so curious and I love their shaggy winter coats. It was a pretty special experience.

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