DOING MY BEST KEYSTONE COP IMPRESSION while the horses have a PASTURE BREAKOUT AT 3AM the other morning…

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Have you ever been awakened at 3am by a huge ruckus that you couldn’t identify but you knew it wasn’t supposed to be happening?

A huge, shrill, cat bawling, pony gnashing, horse hollering hullabaloo that was many decibels louder than you ever thought possible – right under your window?!

Well I have.  Just the other night.  At 3am.

But before we begin, let’s set the stage with a little background music…

Please click the musical MP3 I have inserted below.  Let it play until at least :09 so you can get my drift…


It all started because I was very recently lucky enough to have a neighbor kid come over to help me fix the fences.  And, as I found out later, he left a gate open.

So when at 3am the next morning the cacophony of equine thunder and squealing raced past my window, I wasn’t sure if I had slept on a freight train track or if Armageddon was finally here.  And then, as I bolted upright with clarity, I knew.

HORSES ARE LOOSE!  ARRGHHHHHHHH (gasp!)AHHHHHHH Quick, must fix fast before they tear down the barn!

It didn’t occur to me that Wrigley and Beautiful Girl (the two who had found the opened gate) could make that much racket on their own… I was sure the entire herd was ripping up the front lawn and tearing around the property – sure to create lots of vet bills…

Whoever it was, the ponies were quite upset that these marauders were out – and they weren’t – so the ponies started bawling… and then someone stepped on a cat tail or two and the whole thing went up in a Warner Brothers Whirling Dervish cartoon.


In the meantime, I had fallen out of bed, put on whatever item of clothing was nearest and stumbled down the stairs, into my boots (without socks), grabbed some jacket and fumbled around for an illuminating device – which I found in the form of a tiny keychain flashlight.

I blasted through the front door, followed by two dopey dogs who weren’t quite sure what the ruckus was about either but WHY? did they have to investigate at this awful hour anyway?… as they moped outside, yawning.

Intent on Solving the mystery... I ran outside.

Intent on Solving the mystery… I ran outside.


As my handy penlight illuminated exactly one eyeball of his face, I knew instantly that it was Wrigley.  He ran up to me:

Wrig (right up in my face and breathing heavily and happily):  ISN’T THIS FUN?!  THAT GUY LEFT THE GATE OPEN!  WAHOO!  COME RUN WITH US!

Me:  Follow me.  Right Now.

Wrig:  OK!!  We are we GOING?!  Let’s go there FAST!

Me (leading him to his pasture without any halter, him just following me like an excited kid):  Just back up a step and follow me…

Wrigley was a very good boy.  He followed right at my shoulder all the way back into his pasture where Finn was frantic and pacing because the others had gotten out while he was dozing.

Finn:  How’d you do that?!

Wrig:  C’mon, I’ll show you the open gate!!

At this point, Wrigley started hauling horse at top speed around the arena and…  it was then that I knew which gate was open.  So, I ran as fast as my sockless, muddybooted feet could take me up to the mouth of the action.

I got there first but I could hear Wrigley coming at me like a Mack Truck.  I raised my penlight and flashed it right into his wild eyes and said, “WHOA!”

Wrig took a sharp right and flew up the hill, turned on a dime and blasted back down past me, around the arena and back to Finn.  Foiled!  Drat!

I could not believe I let a pen light save me from a thundering horse.  Stoopid.  But it worked.

This was Wrig at a year old... I imagine he was quite like this that night.

This was Wrig at a year old… I imagine he was quite like this that night.


Sensible, wonderful, calm and perfect Beautiful Girl was standing in the barn, eating Mama Tess’ food.

Tess was standing on her bed, looking at me with a delighted grin on her face.

MT:  This is fun!  How much fun was this?!  They were really running, huh?!  Wow!

Since I had left MT’s gate open that night, I was horrified to think that one of the healthy horses was pushing her around in her own space.  But, it wasn’t so.  Wrigley is her son so he wouldn’t mess with her… and BG is just too kind to be untoward in MT’s home.

I grabbed MT’s halter and slipped it over BG’s head.  She knew it was time to go back and she was fine with it.  That blast of thrilling escaped energy had been fun, and eating Tess’ yummy food was great, too… but it was time to go back where she belonged.

And so we walked together, back to her pasture.  She happily entered and waited for me to unhalter her before she gently walked off.

Such a good girl.

Beautiful Girl.  Such a good girl.

Beautiful Girl. Such a good girl.


I hot-footed it back to Tess to make sure I didn’t miss anything and that she was truly OK.  And she was.  In fact, she was exhilarated!  Her face was bright and her eyes were dancing.

MT:  Did you see my boy?!  Isn’t he amazingly athletic?  And so big!  Wow!  That was fun!  It was nice to have a guest, too.  We should do that more often…!

I filled up her food, scritched her and hugged her.

Suddenly, I was very tired.  As I climbed back into bed, Hubby (who is home this week) asked why I was up.  He hadn’t heard a thing.  Not a peep.  Nothing.


This is Wrig at 5 weeks old... He is the same guy as he was then - a little pistol!

This is Wrig at 5 weeks old… He is the same guy as he was then – a little pistol!

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Bond's family is now totally safe!  They are all safe!  Thank you!

Bond’s family is now totally safe! They are all safe! Thank you!

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